OCR Conflict Poetry Anthology Activity Pack for GCSE English Literature

Confidence-boosting activities on the 15 prescribed poems from the OCR anthology, explored through the lens of ‘conflict’.

Activities include: mind maps, research, close reading, discussion, gap fills, games, group work, extended writing tasks and more…

Plus, all activities linked to the AOs!

Flexible – use in class, or dip in and out for effective homework tasks!

  1. Pre-reading activities give students opportunities to conduct research, enquiries and discussion so they can become acquainted with the content and context of each poem and grasp the topic of conflict as a whole.
  2. During-reading activities allow students to explore deeper meanings and interpretations. By considering key features such as language and structure, pupils can build a fuller understanding of each poem.
  3. Post-reading activities encourage students to reflect on each poem and develop imaginative and assured responses to the type of conflict that is presented within it and how it is presented by the writer.
  4. Whole-collection activities practise essential comparison skills, provoking students to draw links across theme, context, form language and structure, and more!

Plus! Answers to all activities included and 11 practice questions for focused assessment practice.