Practical Companion for GCSE Edexcel Biology

Provides everything you need to deliver the crucial practical aspects of GCSE Science. Helps students gain a comprehensive understanding of the experiments they need to know.

  • Teachers’ notes and students instructions make preparation and teaching simple
    ➥ includes helpful advice, safety notes and exam tips from experienced teachers
  • Pre-lab tasks and Analysis and Evaluation questions give scaffolding for data skills and subject knowledge
  • Exam style questions for each investigation – perfect for preparation for practical questions in exams – guaranteed to be at least 15% of marks!
  • Extra practicals carefully selected to expand on skills and give insight into key topics

What do teachers say about this resource? (9785, 9786, 9787)

I particularly liked that this is a well-structured resource that considers the prior knowledge students will require and areas where students may struggle, and has a comprehensive range of questions related to the required practical that students can complete both before and after the practical. I also particularly like the health and safety reminders that have been considered.
I also feel that the inclusion of both analysis and evaluation questions alongside exam-style questions will allow the students to apply their knowledge in a way that is typical of their exams.

S Howie, Teacher & Peer Reviewer