Dictation Skills Pack for GCSE Eduqas Music

Suitable for KS3 transition and weaker GCSE students!

This step-by-step guide specifically designed for the Eduqas spec fosters students’ listening and transcribing skills from KS3 onwards!

This scaffolded resource builds skills and confidence with:
  • Student-friendly information including concise introductions to time signatures, rhythms and intervals and more!
  • Practical, composing and listening tasks to consolidate knowledge
  • Group tasks, teacher demonstrations and extension tasks clearly marked throughout
  • Packed with practice transcription questions to prepare students for the appraising exam!

Plus! Answers included.

  • 24, 34, 44 and 68 time
  • Rhythms from minims to semiquavers
  • Diatonic intervals to an octave – from minor 2nds to major 7ths

Use with Practice Exercises for Musical Dictation for perfect preparation and practice!