Course Companions for A Level AQA Philosophy

A contender as a textbook for the course

D Forster, Philosophy Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Concise yet comprehensive coverage of the 2017 specification. Accessible explanations of the arguments – helping students engage with challenging anthology texts. Focus on ‘doing philosophy’, with concise breakdown and analysis of the arguments.

  • Activities and discussion questions throughout – lots of options for engaging students in the material!
  • Quick quizzes – a fun and easy way to remember key facts for the exam
  • Key terms explained throughout
  • Answers included
  • Photocopy and give out to students, either as a complete course booklet or as individual handouts

What do teachers say about this resource? (9768)

An excellent resource, detailed and clear, and would be a contender as a textbook for the course instead of one of the others on the market [...] Having taught this course for a number of years, and its predecessor courses, I think this resource navigates the territory very well - key ideas, theories, strengths and weaknesses. A good balance is struck on amount of detail. The explanations are clear and readable

D Forster, Philosophy Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Good resource: well-written, useful activities and [lots of opportunites for] stretch and challenge. It can help teachers and students understand content, can help teachers vary their activities during lessons and provides some good insights which will help students with their 25 mark questions

K Parham, Philosophy Teacher & Peer Reviewer