The London Riots

Scheme of Work for KS3 Drama

A tried-and-tested eight-lesson scheme of work inspired by the events of the 2011 London riots and Gillian Slovo’s thought-provoking play The Riots.

Drama skills developed: mime, ensemble, freeze-frames, physical theatre, devising, radio drama, hot-seating, performing, evaluating

KS3 students will explore verbatim theatre and develop a range of drama skills while engaging with contemporary societal issues.

For each lesson:

  • Detailed plans, including starters, mains, plenaries and homeworks – pick up and teach
  • Ready-made student worksheets and handouts – no preparation needed
  • Supporting PowerPoints with teacher notes – perfect for visual learners and whole-class engagement


Allows students to develop their skills whilst engaging in the development of social awareness

F Rayner, Drama Teacher and Independent Reviewer
  • Links to YouTube videos of real-life news reports from around the world keep lessons exciting and dynamic
  • Ready-made transcripts provide flexibility and support weaker learners

What do teachers say about this resource? (9743)

This is a well resourced and highly effective SoW which will give students the opportunity to create a variety of drama performances based around a real life event. Excellent homework tasks that link directly to the learning. This resource allows the students to reflect on consequences of actions and how it is not always good to follow the crowd. I think that although this was written about the London Riots, it could easily be transferred to events that are happening in their own lives. This SoW potentially could help them to weigh up the positive and negative reactions to things that go on around them and encourage them to think for themselves. This SoW links with component 1,2 and 3 of the BTEC specification because in component 1 they ask the students to explore 3 different styles of theatre. Component 2 asks the students to perform an extract of existing repertoire and finally for component 3 they have to create a piece of drama based on an issue/theme.

E Halls, HoD & Peer Reviewer

Well thought out with clear resources and additional information. It had a strong theme and had clear direction. The strength of the resources were clear to see... It talks about pertinent issues and allows for discussions about important topics... Allows students to develop their skills whilst engaging in the development of social awareness

F Rayner, Drama Teacher and Independent Reviewer