Dracula: 'Imagined Worlds' Study Guide for AS/A Level AQA

AS Paper 1: Views and Voices ◆ A Level Paper 1: Telling Stories

Combining an iconic, gripping and influential story with a textual and narratorial richness, students will be familiar with the place of Dracula in popular culture, and will enjoy discovering and discussing the imaginative power and Gothic sensationalism of the original text.

The resource is of a very high quality...

...Would be an asset to any student or teacher of this novel...

...I would certainly use it in my own teaching

A Kirby, Teacher & Expert Reviewer

Guide your students through the text with in-depth study notes and activities to explore the linguistic and literary methods by which authors present their fictional worlds. Co-teachable and specifically written for the 2015 AQA Language and Literature specification.

  • A detailed toolkit to the methods of language analysis
  • Further reading section
  • A comprehensive glossary to aid understanding
  • Preparatory material sets the scene with analysis of narrative structure, genre, characterisation, settings, themes and context
  • Detailed chapter-by-chapter walk-through covers the whole novel
    • Clear summaries and insightful, student-friendly commentary ensure a full knowledge of each chapter
    • Varied activities, including consolidation questions, discussion questions, active learning tasks and extensions, deepen understanding and encourage independent interpretation – suggested answers included!
  • Helpful exam section – including essay-writing guidance, two full exemplar answers and practice exam-style questions – perfect prep for the exam!

What do teachers say about this resource? (9742)

The resource is of a very high quality. It is a very impressive piece of work... I think this resource would be an asset to any student or teacher of this novel. I would certainly use it in my own teaching... The sections on the background to the novel are very good – succinct but with the right amount of information... The suggested answers to the exam-style essay questions are very useful and detailed.

A Kirby, Teacher & Expert Reviewer

A very good resource which addresses many of the issues teachers have with this course which can be challenging for those with no linguistic/stylistic training... The pre-reading activities ... help give a strong overview of Stoker and the context... The plot and character summaries ... are sufficiently detailed but easily accessible as an introduction to the novel. I like the way the character studies are then developed in the commentary and analysis sections... The introduction to the Language Levels [is] a useful guide to applying these to the novel. The explanation of the Gothic fantasy genre links brilliantly to this aspect of AO3, which is the AO students seem to find challenging.

C Harvey, Teacher & Peer Reviewer