Topic Tests for GCSE Eduqas Food Prep & Nutrition

Encourage reflective learners with these progressive topic-by-topic question banks written for every topic for the new Eduqas GCSE (9-1) Food Preparation and Nutrition specification.

30 carefully structured write-on tests – great for consolidating learning at the end of a topic in class, for revision or as homeworks.

  • Range of question styles – from multiple-choice to extended exam-style questions – providing a perfect revision tool for the exam and NEAs.
  • Authentic scenarios and images – engage students in real-life food issues and allow them to apply their knowledge to cooking and food preparation.
  • Clear mark allocations and answers – great for peer- and self-assessment!

Tests are typically 20 – 40 marks each and last for 30 – 45 minutes each

Variety of question styles enables all learners to succeed and assess not only knowledge, but also the type of questions they struggle with!