Plays, Practice and Performance For GCSE AQA Spanish

11 plays based on GCSE subtopics
– engaging and matches the spec!

Dramatised role plays supported by activities written specially for GCSE students! The pack provides a structured and engaging basis on which to build confidence and fluency in speaking.

Topics are based on the AQA 2016 specification to develop understanding of vocabulary and core knowledge.

Structured sections per topic:

Activities address complex spec requirements such as literary texts, translation, comprehension and role plays!
  1. Vocabulary practice: actively build a useful bank of words
  2. Vocal warm-up exercises: tackle pronunciation difficulties and tongue-twisters
  3. Understanding the play: develop comprehension skills by answering questions
  4. Performance: apply tips on self-expression, confidence and intonation
  5. Create your own play: understand how to create characters and structure dialogues
  6. Dictation and translation: test language knowledge through gap-fills and translations into English
  7. Exam practice: practise a role play based on AQA requirements
  • Every topic has a Foundation and Higher version to support students of all abilities.
  • Highly flexible! Give a play to the whole class or allocate different plays to groups or pairs. For use in class, as homework or as extension work.

What do teachers say about this resource? (9660)

Overall, an interesting resource which has the potential to enliven GCSE lessons. The idea is novel and I can see the drama element engaging many students. The topics covered reflect the specification well and introduce authentic vocabulary in context.

M Cosgrove, Spanish Teacher and Peer Reviewer

This resource will be undoubtedly useful to rehearse pronunciation and intonation, but also to learn lexical elements ranging from theme-specific terms to conversational gambits in the target language.

J M Navas, HoD and Peer Reviewer