‘The Key Cases’ for A Level AQA Law

Redesigned with new cases
and activities for the
new specification!

Boost exam recall with this bank of stimulating, easy-to-use, topic-by-topic activities. Ensure they know the key Acts of Parliament and cases that will help them to achieve the highest possible grades in the new 2017 AQA specification.

Clearly enhances student learning in Law

P Emerton, Teacher and Peer Reviewer

Every topic includes a variety of activities designed to reinforce different skills

  1. Learn: Learning Grids help students to recognise the outcomes and significance of each case and increases understanding – a great, easy-to-set homework task!
  2. Reinforce: ‘Match-up’ and ‘Dominoes’ provide a useful bank of starter and plenary tasks to help reinforce knowledge of key cases.
  3. Revise: ‘Flash cards’ and ‘make your own glossary’ are ready-made for revision and ensure students retain the key information.

This is something that students have been requesting, especially the exhaustive list of cases for each topic

S Harwood, Subject Coordinator and Peer Reviewer
Revision CD includes ‘Match-up’ Dominoes and Flash Card PDFs
  • A ready-made reference list for AQA Law
  • Clear ‘at a glance’ summaries, making cases easier to recall in an exam
  • Promotes active learning & supports weaker learners through structured activities

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What do teachers say about this resource? (10940)

I found this to be an extremely useful resource, to supplement the AQA A Level Specification and textbooks. I like how it gives a summary of the cases, as using the internet to research can often give links to some websites giving entire cases, with Ratio Decidendi, Judgements etc where they only need to know and apply the facts, causing time constraints for both students and teachers.

I particularly liked the cases table with the stars for Priorities of the cases, I would maybe exercise caution for the teachers who are going to use the resources to not share that with the students as there may be some who only look at the ones with 2 stars and do not bother looking at the others and costing themselves marks in the exams. I also liked the answers given, this will be a good tool for staff to have to hand as there are a lot of cases through the entire A Level and having an Aide Memoire to hand for teaching is ideal.

This is an excellent resource to give students an overview of the cases required for the tort exam paper but also a tool to be used in Assessment for Learning techniques, group work, and retrieval practice, the possibilities for this are endless. This is an extremely valuable tool as you are given pretty much all of the Tort Cases, it is as up-to-date as possible, as far as I can see.

I think the content of the cases matches with the specification very well, with some cases being easily accessible to all whilst others clearly stretch the more able candidates into looking further into a specific topic. I also feel that the relevance and up to datedness of these cases make them ideal for pushing students to watch the news and keep abreast of legal developments ensuring that they have this resource but any other cases which they have come across themselves.

The back-to-back activities are excellent, these can be adapted in the classroom for so many instances, mini-plenaries, group tasks, and revision, I'd find these to be extremely useful and be something I didn't have to make myself.

This would be useful not only as a teaching tool but as a document to always have on hand to answer any questions about cases, refresh your own memory through a lesson or ensure you are on the same page as your students.

J Zammit-Garcia, Teacher of Law & Peer Reviewer

I think the resource pack is particularly good in terms of relevant case details which is separated into case facts, outcome and case significance, including up to date relevant case law. The student copy of the grid is very clearly set out. It will be easy for students to work with, they can adapt and use the grid for all areas of Law not just Tort. For the students who like to have a structure sheet, this resource will be ideal both in class and for homework/research tasks etc.

I liked the clear layout of the resource – easy to navigate each section; the instructions given on how the resources can be used, including the priority case sheet; the fact that cases are separated into different subtopics provides clarity to students; the different activities such as case grids, flash cards and dominoes.

The resource is good for the students to gain information on key cases, including relevant facts and points of Law etc. As students struggle with the volume of case law covered this will be good for storing key case information in a compact way, which can be ideal for revision purposes.

I think the resource matches the specification very well, lots of up-to-date case law which is lacking in some texts. The resource covers all sections required in Tort section and includes all of the key case law.

[Would you purchase this resource?] Yes, as it is good resource, especially for students getting a good grasp on case law; can be utilised and adapted in many ways for both lower and higher levels

C Kennedy , Lecturer of Business and Law & Peer Reviewer

I would commend the authors for creating an extremely comprehensive resource including a multiple range of uses.

The resource is meticulously well researched with an extensive range of cases, together with multiple ideas for learning activities.

The activities within the resource, e.g. dominoes/matchup could be used validly to enhance classroom lessons by adding fun elements as a starter or end of lesson plenaries.
Learning cases is important within the study of law and therefore the resource draws attention to the crucial need to know cases.

The resource interprets the specification extremely well by including the relevant case law required of the specification.

J Pugh, Tutor & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (9656)

This resource meets its aim. [It] provides comprehensive teaching and learning activities covering the relevant cases for the criminal element of the exam in year 1 (and the AS exam). It has a variety of activities which can be worked on individually, in pairs or as a whole class. It can be used to fill in those last 10 minutes of a lesson, as a plenary or given as homework. This makes it an essential resource for any AS or Year 1 law teacher as it is both flexible and adaptable. Thank you for your hard work: this is an excellent resource which will save teachers a significant amount of time in-class and in the preparation of activity and revision resources or homework.

K Harding, Law Teacher and Peer Reviewer

An important study aid for AQA Law students which provides them with key facts and legal principles in terms of relevant cases that enables them to write both descriptively and analytically. It contains plenty of varied activities to develop those skills, including match-ups, fills, dominoes and write your own glossaries. These are available on the CD as PDF files and most are provided in paper too. The activities are flexible and can be used as individual, pair or group activities in class or for independent learning and revision. The guidance for teachers is most helpful, for colleagues to cope with the problems associated with the AS/A overlap.

D Hansom, Retired HoD and Peer Reviewer

Students really struggle to learn cases and so this is a brilliant idea and works very well. The fact it has a focus on cases and allows students to complete gaps, do dominoes etc... giving a variety of activities is good. It will be really useful in lessons and for independent work so students can build up their knowledge and understanding of cases which is vital to success in Law.

M Bull, Law Teacher and Peer Reviewer