Topic on a Page for GCSE AQA

French, Spanish and German

Learn, Practise, Apply

Differentiated A3 worksheets with illustrations enable students to learn, practise and apply board-specific topic vocabulary for the new specification GCSEs.

Through Foundation or Higher activities, students build their knowledge of the themes and topics in structured stages. Activities range from fun games and quick tasks to more difficult translations and writing questions, for an enjoyable learning process that simultaneously hones students’ skills for the exams.

An excellent resource with clear tasks and a good variety of activities and exam technique linked

K Pabari, HoD and Peer Reviewer
  • 3 packs in total: Each pack covers 1 AQA theme and all corresponding topics for use in class, as homework or revision
  • Co-teachable: Teachers select Foundation or Higher worksheets – perfect for mixed ability classes!
  • 1 illustrated double-sided A3 page per topic – gives students visual cues that help them to learn vocabulary in context while completing the activities (Higher only vocab clearly labelled)

A structured approach:

  • Worksheet 1: Learn – helps students to learn key words through simple memorisation, categorising, and translation tasks based on the topic vocabulary

  • Worksheet 2: Practise – enables consolidation of knowledge gained in worksheet 1 through short answer and non-verbal tasks
    • Match-ups, multiple-choice, true or false, finding synonyms and more!
  • Worksheet 3: Apply – builds on worksheets 1 and 2 through translation of full sentences and short paragraphs, a writing question and a speaking task for final topic revision

Upgrade to PDF to receive the A3 worksheets in colour. Select this from the dropdown menu in the basket.

What do teachers say about this resource? (9650, 9651, 9652)

An excellent resource with clear tasks which the students can work through independently. A good variety of activities and exam technique linked. Really great for independent learning. Could be used as meaningful homework and will help students to learn vocab, which is a crucial part of language learning.

K Pabari, HoD and Peer Reviewer

I like the resource a lot. I think the vocab chosen and the activities match the specification very well and the resource will be a great tool for vocab revision and exam practice.

H Oberg, HoD and Peer Reviewer

I really like the mindmaps.

A Watson, Teacher and Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (9646, 9647, 9648)

Lots of appropriate and wide-ranging vocabulary. The resource succeeds in providing ample opportunities for students to practise all the relevant language skills in preparation for their GCSE Spanish exams.

J I Ermina, Teacher and Peer Reviewer