Practice Exam Questions by Topic for A Level AQA Philosophy

Paper 1: Epistemology and Moral Philosophy

  • Use throughout the course to consolidate topic knowledge and progressively develop exam technique
  • Use before the exam as whole-course revision and intensive exam practice
  • Use as individual student support to target areas of weakness

Exam practice and revision rolled into one with this comprehensive, multipurpose resource!

Across seven carefully constructed sections, students revisit all content from Epistemology and Moral Philosophy while developing all-important exam technique.

For each section:

  • Introduction to the topic summarises key arguments and identifies likely areas of assessment
  • Exam-style questions (3-, 5-, 12- and 25-mark) exactly match AQA style and cover all areas of the spec
  • Detailed indicative content for each question encourages improvement
  • Practical advice for refining technique and approaching each question type
  • Guidance on structuring answers and embedding understanding and critique
  • Student-friendly, AQA-style mark schemes for self-marking and improvement
7 sections: what is knowledge; perception as a source of knowledge; reason as a source of knowledge; the limits of knowledge; normative ethical theories; applied ethics; meta-ethics

What do teachers say about this resource? (9576)

A really useful resource for both teachers and students. I liked that there was a full range of questions asked for the different areas, these could be utilised for teachers when setting mock exams and for students in helping them revise. The mark schemes are really detailed and will help guide teachers new to the course... As there are so few past papers available for this new update of the specification having a bank of sample questions and mark schemes to look at is really important for teachers and students. Practicing exam questions is one of the best ways to revise the subject and make sure the theories have been learnt in sufficient detail

R Jowett, Philosophy Teacher & Peer Reviewer