A Level Edexcel Practice Exercises for Listening: Popular Music and Jazz

Covers Edexcel's musical elements:
  • Melody
  • Harmony
  • Tonality
  • Structure/form
  • Sonority
  • Texture
  • Tempo, metre and rhythm
  • Dynamics and articulation

Take the mystery out of unfamiliar listening!

Essential packs prepare students for Question 5 (Section B) of the exam. Students can’t know what music will come up in the exam, but they can have all of the analytical tools at their disposal!

10 exercises consisting of 3-7 activities that gradually build in difficulty so that you can:

  1. Start with warm-up activities to build confidence
  2. Proceed to longer-answer questions to improve technique
  3. Progress naturally to exam-style questions to apply knowledge

Extremely useful for AS and A Level students alike... showing [students] a logical approach to the demands of question 5 of the exam

T Scammell, Teacher & Expert Reviewer

As students work through each of the carefully structured tasks they will:

  • revise key terminology
  • listen to music analytically
  • improve their aural skills
  • draw links between works

Easy to set and quick to mark!

Area of Study 4: Popular Music and Jazz

Such an abundance of musical styles will require an abundance of practice! Get your students rehearsed for this section of the exam with examples from Billie Holiday to Run-DMC!

The perfect companion to our Wider Listening and Unfamiliar Music guide for Popular Music and Jazz.

What do teachers say about this resource? (9535)

The quality overall is excellent. Practice content fills the bulk of this resource and is extremely useful for AS and A Level students alike... The activities are very well structured in terms of showing students a logical approach to the demands of question 5 of the exam... There is a good balance between popular music and jazz tasks and thorough coverage of the necessary musical terms... The answer section is very clear and always accurate... This is a very concise and easy to use resource.

T Scammell, Teacher & Expert Reviewer