Getting to Know… Chocolat

Suitable for:
Edexcel: AS and A Level

Ready-to-use research tasks, worksheets, background information and practice exam questions ensure comprehensive understanding of Chocolat (Claire Denis, 1988). Students will explore key themes such as identity, race, friendship and societal mores in this film set in colonial Cameroon. They will be fully prepared for the Edexcel AS or A Level writing exam.

The structure offers the perfect balance between guided classwork and independent study:

  • Before: Students will learn about cinematographic language, the director Claire Denis, the social and historical context, genre and key characters.
  • During: Tips on how to analyse a film are followed by activities based on the Edexcel A Level spec. These enable the study of key scenes to promote thorough comprehension and questioning of how the story unfolds, as well as its significance.
  • After: Sections are based on key themes, the significance of the characters’ names, the soundtrack, cinematic techniques and mise en scène to encourage further analysis and criticism of the film. Exam-style questions and model essays ensure thorough exam preparation.
  • Answers are provided for all activities, including model essays and indicative content for the exam-style questions.