Differentiated Homeworks for GCSE AQA A

24–30 ready-to-use, easy-to-set, differentiated homework worksheets provide a progressive range of engaging tasks to consolidate in-class learning.

Take the thought out of homework setting!

  • 12–15 higher- and 12–15 lower-ability worksheets for easy differentiation
  • A variety of stimulating tasks build and test knowledge while keeping students’ interest
  • Detailed answers for quick and easy self-, peer- or teacher-marking

  • All Christianity or Islam content covered – relevant homeworks for all areas of the course
  • Entirely self-contained write-on worksheets – no additional resources or teacher support required
  • Flexible – use after studying the relevant content in class, as cover lessons, or end-of- topic revision
Tasks include: give the term/definition, match-up, true/false, fact-files, label the image, multiple choice, short-form answers… leading to long-form critical and evaluative answers.

What do teachers say about this resource? (9527)

The specification is really difficult and I think teachers would really benefit from a resource which will happy them with their SEND students. Really helps students understand difficult terminology and difficult concepts [...] I really like the presentation and layout, it's very useful

R Sayles, HoD & Peer Reviewer