Othello AS and A Level AQA A Exam Preparation Pack

Ensure your students stay faithful to the affairs of the A Level AQA A Paper 1 exam with this thorough and supportive pack. Apply understanding and refine exam technique with key revision activities, detailed exam advice, essay-building activities, exam-style questions and model answers.

I would purchase this pack immediately

L Tallack, Teacher and Peer Reviewer
  • Student-friendly revision notes and activities on key elements of Othello including:
    • Act-by-act and character revision tables, and quick activities to recap knowledge of themes, setting, language, form, structure, genre, context, performance history and more!
  • ‘Exam Skills’ section containing:
    • Sample essay plans with activities to provide a supportive framework for any exam-style question
    • Tasks on writing introductions to ensure students make a great first impression
    • Guidance on writing clearly and accurately for clarity
    • Concise advice on crafting conclusions

I really liked the scaffolding of essay writing; this would be really helpful to students as it is something that they struggle with. The model answers and commentaries would be a really useful tool, especially for students who struggle with this style of essay

J Sallabank, English Teacher & Peer Reviewer
  • 12 exam-style questions with indicative content, 4 original sample essays with detailed AO commentary and reflective student activities – familiarise students with examiner thinking and demonstrate how to improve grades
  • Student-friendly mark schemes – perfect for easy marking and self-assessment
  • Plus! Indicative content for all exam-style questions

Ready to embed into your revision programme in class or as homework.

What do teachers say about this resource? (9510)

An excellent resource... It is very comprehensive and extensive. I really liked the focus on the assessment objectives throughout. I also liked the pie chart breakdown of the AOs.

I really liked the act revision activities and tables. The focus on key events, themes, setting were excellent. The character focus was excellent with ideas, quotes, language and key moments. The mind maps were good, as was the focus on motifs. Context was well written about.

I really liked the scaffolding of essay writing; this would be really helpful to students as it is something that they struggle with.
The model answers and commentaries would be a really useful tool, especially for students who struggle with this style of essay.

This is a great resource to support the teaching of a Shakespeare text. It's detailed and comprehensive.

J Sallabank, English Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Clear tasks and ideas for revision and consolidation. A range of tasks that students could complete in lesson or at home as part of their homework or revision. Lots of work has gone into ensuring all activities are modelled and scaffolded and the sample answers at the end will save a lot of teacher time.

Act revision table is a good task for students to consolidate their knowledge of the journey of the play and how events and themes develop over time.

Character sheets are useful, and the completed example allows the teacher to scaffold and demonstrate what is needed.

Relationships task is useful for ensuring students consider the aspects of love.
The settings task is particularly useful – students often overlook the importance of the location and time of the scenes. This is a great way to draw their attention to it and why it is so significant.

A great task to explore the changing nature of language for each character.
Really like the structural questions about turning points and the effect. These are such important moments and this task draws great attention to them.

Because of the closed book nature of the exam, the quotations task is really useful. Students need to be confident with quotations and their use and this provides an accessible learning task.

A variety of tasks for students to enhance and consolidate their learning. Good variety and a range of activities that students could do in lesson or at home. The author has done a lot of the work in ensuring model and sample answers are available for each task and this will save the teacher a huge amount of time.

Tasks are centred around how to meet AOs and the answers at the end point each element towards how it might meet and AO. This is really useful and will show students what they need to do to ensure they are getting the marks in the examination. All AOs covered well through a variety of tasks.

T Copestake, Vice Principal & Peer Reviewer

I would purchase this pack immediately.

The exercises would be highly useful consolidation exercises and the section on exams is indispensable; focusing on the marks breakdown and how to tackle the question in detail. I particularly like the key quotations applied to individual characters – very useful and a good idea.

This is certain to enhance a student’s understanding and interest.

Mark schemes are an added bonus and an invaluable aid in the exam run-up. Very useful addition. The student self-mark scheme is also a very useful aid for the peer marking sessions. This is a better interpretation than the standard guide and would be far better understood by the students.

L Tallack, Teacher and Peer Reviewer

A very comprehensive and detailed resource that would support teachers in their delivery of the specification... I liked the addition of questions and suggestions of extracts. This is crucial to the questions and very helpful. I also liked the exemplar essays that students love so they know the standards. A lot of work has gone into this and it will save A level teachers a lot of time if they have this resource to hand.

C Allison, Teacher, Examiner & Peer Reviewer