C# Console Programming for KS4/KS5

Comprehensive theory notes and tasks give students a solid grounding of console programming in C#.

A comprehensive guide to C# ... Good use of written and practical activities

J Jones (peer reviewer)

Pitched for use at KS4 → KS5, the first nine chapters focus on procedural programming, with the final chapter introducing object-oriented programming concepts.

Each chapter contains:

Chapter list:
  1. Introduction to C#
  2. Using Variables
  3. Using Selection
  4. Loops
  5. Arrays
  6. Subprocedures and Functions
  7. String Handling
  8. Validation and Exception Handling
  9. Text File Handling
  10. Using Classes
  • Student-friendly explanations, interspersed with annotated code and screenshots!
  • Coding Tasks and Written Tasks provide a wealth of opportunities for students to demonstrate their skills and understanding!
  • End-of-chapter Consolidation Tasks – perfect for homeworks!


  • Model answers/solutions – including electronic source code (.txt)
  • C# Quick Syntax Guide – provides a handy reminder of the common C# techniques – invaluable for students and teachers alike!

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Comprehensive guide to C# programming. Good use of written and practical activities... The general layout of the resource is good.

J Jones (peer reviewer)