GCSE AQA NEA Set Brief Composition Prompts

For Component 3: Composing Music (2018/2019)

A unique, concise pack of guidance and activities to inspire students to compose creative responses to the AQA GCSE Music 2018/2019 Composition Set Briefs.

Engaging and varied tasks encourage students to:
  • decode keywords from the brief
  • think carefully about the performance context, and how this will affect the style and mood of the music
  • be inspired by other compositions from Haydn to Van Halen
  • Helpful introductory material including a student-friendly mark scheme, a submission checklist and a template proposal form and glossary
  • Four focused sets of activities – stand-alone for each of the four briefs (published September 2018)
    • Carefully designed to deepen understanding of the brief and generate musical ideas for composition
    • Mix and match to suit your class!
  • Plus! Guidance on writing clear programme notes, with exemplars throughout

Flexible for pair/group work, in class or at home!