‘Tricky Topics’ Worksheets for A Level OCR A Chemistry

Exam-skills preparation packs

Prepare your students for the hardest material the exams can throw at them.

12 worksheets covering the trickiest areas of the exam. Every worksheet contains:

  • Skill focus! Developing skills and competencies pivotal to exam success
  • Multiple worked examples show crucial skills in action
  • Differentiated questions start off covering the basics, and progress to support students as they tackle the questions that will really stretch them
  • Exam-style practice questions: Students put the skills they’ve learnt to the test!


  • Detailed mark schemes: fully worked answers to every question, so that students can follow through and check where they have gone wrong
  • GCSE refresher:Consolidate that vital basic knowledge
  • Highly adaptable: Use independently as revision or homework, or in the classroom as main lessons or as cover

What do teachers say about this resource? (9443, 9444, 9445)

The resource is a very resound item as our students find it difficult to grasp calculations of this type. As part of their PAG duties are to carry out two different titrations, they will find the additional resource very useful.
The layout of it is simple and easy to understand, other resources on other sites are not as easy to follow, this makes it simple to follow especially for low-level learners.
The level of detail is precise for A Level, it is laid out simply for all learners to understand but is also an essential resource for some of the practical criteria. It has all the elements of a fantastic resource and available at such an affordable price.
An ideal match for OCR A, it links with the PAG and syllabus hence why it is essential.
It is exactly what was needed.

S Bagga, Customer & Lecturer

An absolutely brilliant A Level Chemistry resource. Topics are introduced in a student friendly way followed by worked examples which are clear to understand.

Students love using this resource and look forward to using it in lessons. Questions are at a good standard and the separation of questions into easy, medium and hard is excellent.

It helps my students to improve in a topic they found extremely difficult. They were so happy with this resource as it helped them to improve their grade after having completed all of the questions in this pack.

This resource has been a great help to my students and it is an essential resource for students who need to improve on titrations in Chemistry A Level.

A Ahmed, Tutor & Peer Reviewer

An excellent resource that tackles topics that many students find difficult at A level. Each topic is introduced in a student friendly format and then worked examples are clearly given. The three tiers of questions at the end of each section allow the students to track their own progress and understanding with a clear mark scheme provided.

I liked the little exam tips at the bottom of some of the pages.
The separations of questions into easy, medium and hard was a nice addition.
The final section on Redox is brilliant.

It allows a clear pathway through some of the more challenging topics at A level.

M Gillard, Teacher and Peer Reviewer

Overall I like the resource and can see how it would be very useful in class, or as part of a support session. The topics are grouped together in way that is useful to remind students of how skills can appear throughout the course.
The concise explanation then examples in each section are nice. In the basics section the examples of burette readings (page 10) and then the practice (page 12) are great as a task pre-practical to get students thinking about correctly reading burettes. The explicit explanation of back titrations (which students often find tricky) is good and the examples used in the strong/acid base section are nice.
I would use this resource in sections at different times of teaching – nice concise notes to give to students and then plenty of practice questions. It would be a useful aid for students who have missed some teaching on a particular part.
It could also be a great resource as a revision tool – used as a whole at the end of teaching to recall how to answer questions. It could also be used as a tool in support sessions for students who are struggling to grasp the content.
The specification for AQA seems to be well matched and gives a good chance to students to gain the skills required to answer questions well.

R Short, Chemistry Teacher & Peer Reviewer