Topic Tests for A Level Edexcel Further Maths

For Papers 1 and 2: Core Pure Mathematics

A perfect solution for every situation!

Amazingly accurate… an excellent set of questions and a very useful tool for teachers and students… a brilliant resource

S Ashton, Examiner & Peer Reviewer
Fundamentals Test – Set A

Great for quick recapping and could be used for prep/homework...

K  Martin, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Perfect in a mixed ability setting – for the use at the end of teaching.

Designed to test all key areas of each topic!

  • Focuses on core skills with simple numbers and contexts
  • Students show their understanding of key ideas – motivating for weaker students
  • Reveals fundamental knowledge, skill or language weaknesses

Challenge Test – Set A

3 levels makes it easy to differentiate

R Clark, Head of Maths & Happy Customer

Perfect for top ability students – for the use at the end of teaching.

Designed to test all key areas of each topic!

Expert Test – Set A

Provided real challenge and would be great for exam revision

K  Martin, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Perfect set-up before tackling exam papers – for the use at the end of the course.

Designed to prepare for exam success in this topic.

  • 75% exam-style questions

The way the topic tests go from Fundamentals to Challenge to Expert really builds student confidence

Dr M Qume, Parent & Happy Customer
Set B: 2nd chance add-on tests
  • Paired ‘second chance’ duplicate – mirroring the first but with different numbers – allowing resits, reinforcement and greater success
  • Can be ordered when you have ordered Set A – or order all together for group discounts!

The paired idea works really well for student confidence… and encourages them to really reflect on their feedback from set A… they see progress

R Brooks, Head of Maths & Customer

Detailed clear solutions with Tips, Alternative Methods and Technique boxes.

The solutions were excellent, really clear and helpful, with lots of concise notes... extremely useful for students who want to work independently

K  Martin, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Beautifully written answers

M Qume, Parent & Happy Customer
Core 1 includes every topic of AS (8FM0) Core Pure Mathematics. Core 2 covers the remaining topics to cover the A Level (9FM0) Core Pure Mathematics.

What do teachers say about this resource? (9603, 9604, 9605, 9606, 9607, 9608)

Excellent resource - concise, challenging, matched specification well and not available to students online ... Provides a measure of how well a student has really understood, particularly the Expert sheets, I would use the other sheets as a homework task

M Greenaway, Head of Maths & Customer

What do teachers say about this resource? (9424, 9425, 9426, 9427, 9428, 9429)

Very comprehensive... the paired tests approach give plenty of versatility with regard to delivery. (eg could test pupils --> review--> retest or perhaps use one test for homework then deliver second test as a test)... In addition if testing different classes at different times a variety of tests is useful. Similarly being able to test in subsequent years limits pupils' ability to review tests from pupils in the year above. Solutions are very well set out and very comprehensive and pupil friendly... I like the ability to test then review with pupils and then retest. I like the possibility of being able to give test A one year and then test B to the following year group and be able to track based on previous years' outcomes. The pupil friendly and very detailed solutions enable pupils to independently review their own understanding.

G Heppleston, Head of Maths, Independent Reviewer

It makes setting homework much easier at the end of a chapter - as opposed to setting the whole of a "mixed exercise" that I used to. The homework assesses a broad amount of knowledge - without the repetitive nature of the traditional "mixed exercise" from the textbook. It is quicker and easier to mark ... It differentiates much better than the textbook ... Being able to use Fundamental and Challenge questions makes things much easier ... The resources are pitched at a good level. This is really helpful for students. I am clear about the level of the work - Fundamental, Challenge or Expert -which isn't true with the textbook or exam questions where I am sometimes surprised by an unexpectedly hard question ... It matches [the specification] perfectly

S Harrison, Teacher & Customer