A Level OCR Law: Activity Pack

Criminal Law: Year One: Non-fatal Offences

Comprehensive coverage of each topic, with key and common cases and their legal principles.

Superb collection of starters, activities, plenaries and research tasks to supplement your class teaching. Supported by summary handouts for every aspect of the topic. Includes answers.

An excellent resource that has very useful summaries of all non-fatal offences

L Rainford, Head of Law and Peer Reviewer
  • 43 exercises clearly indexed and ready to use so you can easily pull out worksheets for the topic you are teaching
  • Designed to encourage active learning, including providing explanations and evidence

9 Information-based Handouts:
  1. What are the Non-Fatal Offences against the Person?
  2. Assault – Charged under s.39 Criminal Justice Act 1988
  3. Battery – Charged under s.39 Criminal Justice Act 1988
  4. Assault Occasioning Actual Bodily Harm
  5. Maliciously Wounding / Inflicting GBH
  6. Wounding or Causing GBH with Intent
  7. Crown Prosecution Charging Standards (guidelines only)
  8. Reforming Non-Fatal Offences against the Person
  9. Key Cases on Non-Fatal Offences against the Person

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What do teachers say about this resource? (9398)

The resource is very good and I would definitely buy it! For teachers it reduces the preparation for the topic as it includes useful information handouts, it includes activities that link to the handouts which also includes a guide on which activities go with which handout – this will save so much time! The information is not overpowering – it is condensed into small chunks of information which will enable the learning to be more effective, particularly for a topic which has lots of intricate detail like non-fatal offences. The resource will help students develop knowledge as well as help them to apply the law in scenario questions through the use of flowcharts, but also help them evaluate the law with the very good commentary and criticisms on the different elements of NFOAP.

J Watkinson, Teacher, Examiner & Peer Reviewer

This is an excellent resource that has very useful summaries of all non-fatal offences. I particularly found the flow charts extremely useful for students, who often comment on the difficult nature of law and how a flowchart is enlightening particularly when looking at a new topic area. The amount of evaluation contained is helpfully broken down into relevant sections which is further broken down into comments such as specific/basic intent crimes and pictures.

L Rainford, Head of Law and Peer Reviewer

Very comprehensive - provides a wide range of information and activities / plenaries. The scenario-based activities are really useful, as a teacher these are often really difficult to think of. All the information is clear and concise, which is useful as students often find it difficult to reduce information down to a manageable amount.

E Skinner, Law Subject Leader & Peer Reviewer