Topic on a Page for GCSE Edexcel History

Unique, visually stimulating A3 learning and revision resources ensure students know the topics inside out.


  • Concise notes and images covering all of the need-to-know content and carefully designed to support students’ visual understanding
  • Plus! Suggested answers for all activities!

Students like to have the knowledge in bitesize chucks, and this is an ideal way to present the information

S Westcott, HoD & Peer Reviewer

All spec points covered as:

  1. A complete Revision Poster
  2. A partially complete Activity Poster – with focused tasks to test knowledge and aid memory (in both A3 and A4 format!)

Flexible format!

  • Hand out at the end of the course or topic for revision and consolidation
  • Assign partially completed posters as in-class activities or homeworks
  • Display in classroom or use as place mats as visual cues

I particularly like the excellent revision summaries... has been very well written and developed with the students in mind

Dan Taborda, Deputy Head & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (9382)

Absolutely superb. For our students who are struggling with the course, it is a superb resource which can aid revision... I particularly like the excellent revision summaries – each section includes the key revision information needed and gives an excellent overview of each section of the Germany topic – it has been very well written and developed with the students in mind... The activities are very good and compliment the revision pages well – students can test their knowledge and ensure that they work on areas which aren’t their strongest whilst identifying the ones which demonstrate their strengths... The layout and format is excellent – very easy to follow and very straight forward - students and teachers will find it very difficult to get lost in this resource! If there were one for every topic, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy copies for the students – that’s how much I rate it!

Dan Taborda, Deputy Head & Peer Reviewer

I really like this resource. It would be very useful to give to lower ability students to revise from or higher ability to ensure they have the breadth of knowledge required for the higher grades. Students like to have the knowledge in bitesize chucks, and this is an ideal way to present the information... I like the succinct nature of the A3 posters, this is a very content heavy topic and so difficult to summarise... I also like the timelines down the left-hand column of each page, this will help students who struggle with the chronology of the many threads running through this topic... an excellent resource, thank you for producing it.

S Westcott, HoD & Peer Reviewer

I thought this was a really good resource for those students who have difficulty collecting their thoughts in one place. It also goes with the current fashion for knowledge planners. I like the fact it has intelligent activities to help students with their knowledge of the topics. It is largely useful for helping to bring together a sequence of lessons, ensure that students fill gaps in their notes (if they were absent for example) and also useful for helping them with memorising information (quite a task at GCSE History). [It matches the specifation] very well in terms of content.

S Boyd, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

I really liked the idea. It breaks the topic down well into key areas. The level of detail is thorough and accurate. I also like the mix of completed sheets, sheets with activities and answers at the back... I really liked the way that the materials are gathered into one place onto easily usable sheets rather than relying on multiple page revision books. Being able to annotate and highlight makes it more interactive.

B Armstrong, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

The information sheets are well set out... Coverage is wide and it contains a range of activities useful for developing paragraph-writing skills.

N Stanley, Teacher & Peer Reviewer