InterACTIVE Powerpoints for AQA GCSE Food Prep & Nutrition

Great for in-class delivery or for independent revision

400+ dynamic slides to inspire and impress your students

Maximise motivation with these expertly animated and interactive PowerPoints for AQA GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition.

31 concise and lively presentations to engage your learners!

Fully resourced for effortless delivery!
  • 31 PowerPoint presentations (400+ slides) on CD
  • Slides printed alongside teacher’s notes to support delivery
  • Structured student worksheets – enable clear feedback

Bring theory to life!

  • Dynamic illustrations, GIFs and diagrams – stimulate student understanding of difficult concepts!
  • Energetic animations and interactivity – helps you deliver engaging and stimulating lessons!
  • Embedded videos – to illustrate key examples and the application of knowledge!
  • External links and videos – inspire further research!

More than just content…

  • Imaginative and interactive activities – video analysis, puzzles, match-ups and many more – assess students’ comprehension of the topic!
  • Discussion springboards – encourage in-class analysis of the topics and application to the wider context
  • Practice questions – give focus at the end of each lesson and provides essential exam practice

Unleash the power of PowerPoint!

Sample Videos coming soon!