Course Companions for BTEC Tech Awards 2017

Endorsed for BTEC

Course Companion for Component 3 has been
endorsed for BTEC Tech Award Level 1/2 in
Health and Social Care.

Keep students on the right track for the NEW BTEC Tech Awards qualifications with these clear and comprehensive course notes. Written in student-friendly language and organised in specification order, including:

  • Accessible notes – at an appropriate level and in sufficient depth.
  • Plenty of detailed information that’s applied to case studies to make it easier for learners to link theory and practice

    L Wilshire, Teacher & Peer Reviewer
  • Creative case studies – covering a range of environments and individuals – build connections between theory and practical application.
  • Thought-provoking visual images and diagrams to stimulate all learners.
  • End-of-topic consolidation questions to review the topic and assess understanding.

This course companion has clearly been written by an expert with up to date information and a clear scientific knowledge

A Barrett, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Build and apply knowledge…

  • ‘Applied Activities’ and ‘Research Activities’ inspire further reading and encourage application of knowledge.
  • ‘Did you know?’ boxes provide thought-provoking further reading to stretch and challenge high-ability students.

What do teachers say about this resource? (9366)

Excellent reference to specification in detail. Each topic incorporates all information for the relevant learning aim in accordance with the associated assessment guidance, to support learners in producing holistic answers. The resource contains several case studies in vocational contexts. The scenarios and the following activities, place the resource in a realistic context for learners at this level, to support their understanding and promote motivation. I would definitely buy this resource.

D Maitra, Lead Teacher & Peer Reviewer

A high quality, detailed resource, targeting Level 2 Health & Social Care learners. This course companion has clearly been written by an expert with up to date information and a clear scientific knowledge. An excellent range of activities were included, all of which would enhance learning.

A Barrett, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

The resource is very detailed and covers the specification in an order that follows the teaching of the syllabus which is very helpful. The most challenging aspect of the course is the application of the theory to real life scenarios, by providing lots of case studies and investigative task it helps the learner understand this process and will help them to be familiar with how to apply the facts they find in the exam questions. The images and diagrams were appropriate and clear. The use of a variety of case study's is helpful and the questions at the end of each section are appropriately written and structured mark scheme provided. This resource would be beneficial to my teaching and would be well received by the learners.

R Harrison, HSC Subject Leader & Peer Reviewer

I’m very impressed by this resource. It provides focused, detailed information alongside some very good and do-able classroom activities, which would really support delivery of this component of the Tech Award. It is well-written and well-researched and laid out clearly. While detailed, it uses language and style that’s likely to be accessible to most Level 2 students.

L Wilshire, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (9364)

An extremely good and useful resource, with plenty of detailed information that’s applied to case studies to make it easier for learners to link theory and practice. I liked the clear layout, with diagrams, charts and pictures. I think the resource is presented and laid extremely well. It’s easy for teachers to glance through and focus on what they need, while being easily accessible to learners. I also liked the explanations with case studies and activity suggestions that could be easily used in the classroom. I’m very impressed with this resource. I think it’s been put together extremely well and is very ‘user-friendly’ for both teachers and learners.

L Wilshire, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

I think the resource is well laid out and easy to follow. Similar format to other course companions which means a greater level of consistency for students. They have an expectation of how it will look and where they are able to identify key terms/important words and definitions for their learning. The case studies in general were linked to the applied activity or were very closely related to the applied activity which aids the students in reinforcing their learning and as most students struggle to apply the knowledge this gives them plenty of practice. It also helps teachers as we are not having to come up with more case studies. We are able to use those within the text. The case studies can also be used within class to further analyse and identify both services accessed, barriers confronted and other issues that may arise for the study. The revision questions recheck knowledge and allow for checking of application. These can be peer marked or teacher marked. The resource is clear and easy to follow... the presentation and layout are clear and key terminology is clearly highlighted for all students to identify. The diagrams and tables clarify the knowledge presented and summarise important elements. The resource is broken into easily defined sections/chapters that reflect the learning aims of the specification. This ensures that students can focus on the correct area with ease and will aid those who require extra support in ease of identification when completing assignments and class work.

M Aldred, Teacher & Peer Reviewer