Composing Bach Chorales for AS and A Level

Co-teachable for AS/A Level

Suitable for AQA and Edexcel

This comprehensive and unique study guide skilfully supports students’ composition of chorale harmonisations for their ‘Composing to a Brief’ assessment. Packed with detailed contextual information on Bach’s musical style, wide-ranging activities, exam-style questions and straightforward exam guidance.

This is the only resource you’ll need to prepare your A Level students for the Bach Chorales composition module.

Topics covered:

  • triads
  • 7ths and inversion
  • four-part harmony
  • rules for chorales
  • non-harmony notes
  • cadences
  • chord progressions

Provide progressive practice…

  • A wealth of step-by-step activities build and apply knowledge of tonal harmony.
  • Clear explanations, key terms and helpful hints reinforce essential points.
  • Differentiated exercises allow you to tailor work to the needs of individual students.
  • Extension tasks cover more challenging areas such as diminished 7ths and suspensions to push high achievers!

Encourage exam success!

  • Practice exam questions develop confidence and exam technique.
  • Musical examples and model answers demonstrate how to improve grades.
  • Student-friendly checklists and mark schemes allow for easy self- and peer-assessment.