Live Theatre Exam Preparation Pack for A Level Edexcel

Co-teachable for AS and A Level
  • Easy-to-digest bullet pointed information
  • Varied tasks suit a range of abilities
  • Tips stretch and challenge
  • Sample answers showcase successful responses
  • Video clips apply skills to real-life performances
  • Practice exam questions – perfect for mocks!

Exam requirements and marking criteria become accessible and achievable with this supportive resource!

Students navigate through the Live Theatre section of the exam with ease, hitting AOs and gaining marks along the way.

Students learn:

  • What the question is really asking
  • How to plan and structure an essay in a way that earns marks
  • How to analyse and evaluate like a pro
  • What the mark schemes mean and what the examiner wants to see

I liked the attention to detail with regards to breaking down the marking scheme. It helps teachers make sure that the marking scheme is evident in all work. This could help learners achieve additional marks in exams

F Rayner, Drama Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Suitable for use with all classes, regardless of performance seen.

What do teachers say about this resource? (9336)

Clear and useful... It clearly gives the criteria and allows learners to start taking responsibility for their own learning

F Rayner, Drama Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Descriptions of tasks and essay question examples mean that students can understand how they might be able to approach a particular question and how to add more value to their answer.

H Gravestock, Drama Teacher & Peer Reviewer