Skills Guide for AQA GCSE Food Prep & Nutrition

Ensure your students ‘get to grips’ with the 12 fundamental Food Preparation Skills with this ultimate skills workbook.

All the information needed to learn, practise and master every skill!

  • Equipment summaries and step-by-step instructions (with visual graphics) – familiarise students with the processes of each skill, ready for their NEA and the exam!
  • Health and safety tips – enhance awareness on food safety
  • ‘Extra’ tips – advance students’ skills
  • Alternative methods and supplementary video links – inspire creativity and expand curiosity beyond the kitchen
Integrate straight into your kitchens and schemes of work. Simply photocopy the relevant skills and hand out to your students in practical cooking sessions!

Each chapter also includes write-on student worksheets with original activities to consolidate knowledge, encourage creative design thinking, project planning and comprehensive research, and enhance analytical skills.

This resource brings together all of those required skills into one easy to use, easy to teach pack.

What do teachers say about this resource? (9289)

Visual and engaging. Useful for teachers and students alike. It provides teachers with a resource that will be beneficial within the classroom and for planning, but would take a lot of time to create, and often would not be created. I particularly like the fact the resource provides students with written instructions for carrying out a skill, rather than simply listing the core skills they require. This will be useful for students who work more effectively with written instructions rather the listening to a teacher. I also like the fact it is coupled with practice tasks that can be used within the classroom or students can practice at home. The activities may also be beneficial during remote learning as they are practicals that do not require many ingredients. I have found the extra tip section useful also. I feel that it provides students with a practical opportunity within lessons. It will allow students to have some guidance when picking their skills for their NEA as they can see themselves which will be more complex and thus, gain higher marks.

G Crawford, Teacher of Food and Nutrition & Peer Reviewer