Starters and Plenaries for A Level Year 1 AQA Physics: Sections 1-5

  • Perfect mixture of activities motivates and enthuses all learning styles
  • Ideal blend of individual, paired, small-group and whole-class activities develops independent and cooperative learning methods
  • Includes opportunity to practise maths and practical skills

Designed to support core factual learning as well as growth of maths and practical skills, these imaginative pick-up-and-use activities will enrich any S.o.W.

  • Fantastic variety of activities for each major topic motivates and enthuses all learning styles
  • Super teacher-friendly, with guidance and answers for every activity
  • Perfect lesson building blocks, with spec links, possible uses and timings

A great resource for quick 10–15-minute activities

L Jordison, Lecturer & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (9285)

An excellent resource for the AS Physics and A Level year 1 and equivalent courses. A very good range of starter and plenary ideas and questions and which covers the required specification in Physics.

I like the arrangement of the questions and the different types of activities included. Definitions and units are tested well and numerical questions are well written. Specific situations have been used in questions which makes the learners think at the start and end of lessons.

[The resource] enables students to discover and concentrate on weak areas of understanding of the specification for the AS Physics topics. Can also be used for homework for absent students.

K Lewis, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

This is a great resource for quick 10–15-minute activities in Physics. These activities make great starters and plenaries, but they also work really well as a refresher task for students placed in-between longer activities.
I think the Mechanical tarsia is fantastic... there is such a range of questions in there that it will work well for all abilities.

L Jordison, Lecturer & Peer Reviewer