End-of-Topic A4 Quick-Mark Homeworks for GCSE AQA Chemistry

Topics 1–5 Homeworks
  1. A Simple Model of the Atom
  2. The Periodic Table and Transition Metals
  3. Chemical Bonds
  4. Bonding and Structure
  5. Carbon and Surface Properties
  6. Quantitative Chemistry
  7. Quantitative Chemistry (HT only)
  8. Metals and Acids
  9. Electrolysis
  10. Energy Changes
Topics 6–10 Homeworks
  1. Rates of Reactions
  2. Reversible reactions and dynamic equilibrium
  3. Carbon compounds as fuels and feedstock
  4. Reactions of alkenes and alcohols
  5. Synthetic and naturally occurring polymers
  6. Chemical analysis
  7. Chemistry of the atmosphere
  8. Potable water and life cycle assessments
  9. Using materials and the Haber process

Revise early while the topic is fresh!

This set of engaging end-of-topic homeworks makes it so quick and easy to consolidate your students’ knowledge straight after teaching to maximise retention.

Over 450 questions covering every topic in specification order – a systematic approach ensuring complete comprehension.

  1. Fundamentals: Targeted at students aiming for grade 4–5 to build a solid foundation.
  2. Challenge: Helping students to hit grade 6.
  3. Extension: Stretching students to grade 7 and beyond. Addresses higher-tier-only content.

Substantial homeworks with around 50 questions in each yet so easy and quick to mark. Ideal for peer or self-marking.