Practice Activities for GCSE Melodic and Rhythmic Dictation

Great for:
  • OCR, Eduqas and WJEC
  • Additional skills practice for AQA and Edexcel

Prepare students for the challenge of melodic and rhythmic dictation questions with 30 GCSE exam-style practice questions. Uses original, engaging pieces of music to develop essential aural skills and cater for all boards.

  • tips for improving melodic and rhythmic dictation skills
  • ready-to-use exercises with accompanying audio files
  • answers for every exercise – great for peer-/self-assessment and easy marking

The layout and design of the resource is excellent... easy to use and engaging for students

J Horsey, HOD & Peer Reviewer

Activities are signposted throughout to support weaker and stronger learners

[The exercises] offer very good practice in listening and dictation

R Shapey, Teacher & Expert Reviewer

Embed into your SoW as starters, plenaries or homework activities

What do teachers say about this resource? (9201)

Invaluable for delivering a new syllabus to a mixed ability group... It has a wide range of different styles of tasks which will engage my pupils... There is plenty of resource material...Very good value... Saves a lot of time in not having to prepare them yourself... More of the same please!

H Isom, HoD & Customer

This will prove to be a valuable resource for GCSE music students in developing their overall musicianship skills in order to effectively dictate music onto the stave. Not only does this resource provide an abundance of dictation exercises (with accompanying audio CD) but also provides excellent guidance to candidates in how to prepare effectively for these questions through enhancing their understanding of key melodic and rhythmic features such as intervals, scalic patterns, arpeggios and broken chords, as well as dotted and syncopated rhythms, triplets and duplets... The layout and design of the resource is excellent, making it easy to use and engaging for students... I particularly like both the ‘How to Prepare’ section of this resource, with guidance and focus points for candidates... When so many marks are available for only one question, it is well worth practicing this skill as much as possible, which is exactly what this resource provides... Thank you for developing this resource!

J Horsey, HOD & Peer Reviewer

A useful set of musical notation exercises in dictation, with questions differentiated to allow for progression throughout the course and ability of students... The exercises were well-written with different musical intervals and key signatures used to stretch students’ ability and offer very good practice in listening and dictation.

R Shapey, Teacher & Expert Reviewer

Good to have melodic dictation resources as this is often the task that students find the hardest but they are very few resources that are at the right level of difficulty once you have exhausted past papers... It builds up the skills needed to complete melodic dictation exercises gradually, introducing the concept of rhythm first and then pitch.

N Squires, Teacher & Peer Reviewer