NEA Language Investigation Project Activity Pack

Note from the author:
It is essential that students understand not only how to approach the initial stages of establishing a focus and collecting data, but also how to analyse and evaluate that data in a systematic manner and present their findings in a clear, methodical way.

Activities guide students to produce a successful language investigation based on sample data and examples from a range of actual student investigations. Geared towards the 2015 AS and A Level AQA English Language specification and its focus on how meanings and representations are constructed.

Designed to encourage understanding and engagement, the resource is divided into four sections:
  • Section A: Assess the successes and weaknesses of real student investigations and allow students to compare their efforts with the exemplars
  • Section B: Develop research skills and using concordance software
  • Section C: Work with sample data
  • Section D: Two high-scoring full investigations written for 2015 specifications which demonstrate different strengths

Also includes two recordings on CD to be used during transcript activities.

What do teachers say about this resource? (9198)

'A comprehensive resource with a high-level of detail. The AQA resources available to support the NEA are minimal at best, so this plugs a huge gap for first-time teachers of the non-examined assessments. Really well put-together with exceptional exemplars... The hypotheses and methodologies activities in particular give a step-by-step guide to completing what is usually a very unfamiliar section of the task. The commentaries are especially useful if giving students the exemplars to dissect themselves before discussion... My absolute favourite part of this resource is the explanation of how to generate and use KWIC lists and Concordance software with their own data on p.39/40. This is a complex and innovative approach that will push students into the top bands of exploring patterns. Very impressive! This would be an excellent resource to give to students in advance of them completing the NEA, but also broken up into sections during the process. It gives manageable, logical reasoning behind each section of the investigation and organises students’ thought processes.' H McCombie, Teacher and Independent Reviewer

'An excellent resource! It is ideal for teachers and students to develop an understanding of exactly what the examiners are looking for... It makes it clear to students the depth of the material needed in their investigations.' R Westwell, Teacher and Independent Reviewer