Joan Littlewood: A Complete Guide for AS & A Level OCR

One of Britain’s most innovative and influential theatre practitioners!

Through engaging notes and inspired activities, students will explore, interpret and gain full appreciation of Joan Littlewood’s work and ethos:

  • Comprehensive and captivating notes cover Joan Littlewood from all angles
    • Including context, beginnings, works, purpose, practice, methods, techniques, influences, and collaborations.
  • Imaginative activities inform students’ interpretations by exploring ideas and experimenting with techniques.
    • Perfect balance of practical and non-practical tasks – including reflection, writing and research.
  • Dedicated assessment section offers practical advice on how to apply Joan Littlewood to the relevant components: Process to Performance (AS) and Practitioners in Practice (A Level)

Written specifically for OCR, with detailed indicative content and full teacher’s notes provided, this essential guide ensures that helping students understand her innovation and impact has never been easier!

What do teachers say about this resource? (9152)

A full and thorough guide. Clearly laid out with key information provided, including an excellent variety of appropriate and thought-provoking activities which are linked to the OCR specification. An excellent balance of text and exciting visuals to inform students of Littlewood’s work. Accessible and engaging. Very clear teacher’s introduction – well written, concise with key information which sets the excellent tone of this resource guide. Clear and accurate exam specification information... Informative quotations used throughout the guide to support the content. Lots of relevant, appropriate, and engaging activities throughout the guide. Varied and very useful activities linked to the guide’s content... Well written, clear, informative, and engaging. This includes very helpful diagrams, key definition boxes, quotations... Useful and thoroughly relevant glossary... Excellent Teachers notes. Clearly laid out and very helpful... Clear informative content on Littlewood’s theories, influences, style and performance work – all key productions are discussed... There is a wide variety of teaching and learning methods present in this pack which are linked to the OCR exam specification. Excellent visual layout – very clear, logical, progressive, and accessible, short bite-sized paragraphs and use of large and eye-catching chapters and sub-headings... This guide matches and interprets the OCR AS and A Level specifications very well... A brilliant resource – thorough, informative, engaging, very accessible for students.

S Borley, Teacher & Peer Reviewer