Set Work Analysis for A Level Eduqas Music: Area of Study E: Poulenc and Debussy

Help students build familiarity, develop analytical skills and be perfectly prepared for the appraising paper with set work analysis resources for A Level. Busy teachers and students will find the comprehensive, student-friendly notes and tailored exam practice invaluable.

Good revision material

J Reevell, Music Teacher & Peer Reviewer
  • Begin with pertinent contextual and biographical information covering the style of each composer along with the social and cultural changes that affected music of the time
  • Move into in-depth, accessible analysis supported by annotated score excerpts and key term definitions, deepening knowledge and understanding
  • Reinforce learning and encourage independent study with regular, varied activities – ranging from short exercises to test understanding, to longer exploratory questions – answers included!

Exam Practice
  • Practice questions for each part of the exam for targeted preparation
  • Marking made simple with detailed mark schemes!

  • Revision summaries, together with advice on timings and mark allocation
  • Essential terminology defined in an exhaustive glossary

AoSE: Into the Twentieth Century: Poulenc and Debussy At the turn of the 20th Century, the musical transition from Romanticism to Modernism presented revolution in music. See how the period took shape with detailed, bar-by bar analysis of these set works. Includes two sets of exam-style questions per composer, plus sample essays at a range of levels demonstrates how to gain marks in the long-answer questions.

What do teachers say about this resource? (9129)

Good revision material for candidates... It matches the specification and addresses the key areas students need to know for the two set works... I liked how the analysis was succinct, and how information was effectively organised into concise bullet points in the revision sections... The value is in the definitions and activities, which aren’t present in the free Eduqas resources. The ‘detachable’ summary sheets are also be a strength.

J Reevell, Music Teacher & Peer Reviewer