An Inspector Calls: Weaker Learner Support Pack

All activities are linked to student-friendly assessment objectives so that students understand how their studies relate to their exam.

Aim 1 – Engage weaker learners with the text
Characters speak directly to students to summarise the plot before and after reading the play.

Aim 2 – Support their understanding of key literary aspects
Worksheets include stimulating and well-pitched activities to engage students with main events, all key characters, major themes, form and structural features, and language. Also includes a supporting PowerPoint presentation!

  • Full answers included
  • Original illustrations

Aim 3 – Consolidate their knowledge ready for the exam
Essay-writing advice, a whole-text quiz and a revision mind map ensure students are fully prepared for the exam.

What do teachers say about this resource? (9097)

'A really useful resource... The use of the AOs was really helpful as this is something I always refer to when teaching GCSE and it helps to pinpoint areas that students should focus on... The exam information was also extremely useful and gave a very clear breakdown of what students would have to do. Excellent guidance for teachers too... Use of tables throughout to break down ideas on characters, with page numbers and quotations is incredibly useful for revision purposes... I think the writing frames and the essay writing templates are extremely helpful for weaker students and will be a good way to enable them to build some confidence when planning their essays... The glossary is excellent... Like many other teachers I teach low-level students so it did seem to me that this was a teacher who understood the needs of students who were less able.' M Linney, Teacher and Independent Reviewer

'An excellent resource, breaking the text down into manageable activities accessible to weaker learners whilst still helping them to meet the assessment criteria... There is always a danger of 'death by worksheet' but it is avoided here... The glossary is very helpful. The script using 10 quotations is clever and the use of Sheila's story helps them to identify with the character... A valuable resource for a lower set or pupils with learning needs.' S Griffin, Teacher and Independent Reviewer