Exam Preparation Guide for GCSE (9–1) Eduqas Media Studies

Perfect your students’ exam technique with these supportive and student-friendly guides for GCSE (9–1) Eduqas Components 1 and 2. Bursting with a wide variety of exam-style questions, graded sample answers, constructive examiner commentary, varied tasks and mini-mock papers – ideal for classwork, homework or intensive revision sessions.

Matches the Eduqas specification exactly...

H Parmenter, HoD & Peer Reviewer

Deconstruct the exam

  • Clear and concise notes cover all types of exam-style question, as well as LIAR, context and theories and the assessment objectives, so students have clear exam expectations
  • Original exam-style questions with sample answers and examiner’s commentary demonstrate best practice and pinpoint common errors.

Practise and build exam skills

  • Progressive and differentiated exam-style questions put learning into practice and develop writing skills.
  • Plus! Writing frames support lower-ability students.

Apply skills and test yourself

  • Synoptic exam tips for last-minute, confidence-boosting advice.
  • 2 mini-mock papers, complete with student-friendly mark schemes consolidate learning.

...I always use ZigZag. The resources are really easy for students to understand but they do help push students too.

H Parmenter, HoD & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (9075)

Fantastic! Matches the Eduqas specification exactly. It really helps to support the students with the more difficult paper. There are varied activities that really help the students to work on particular areas that they find tricky. All students of different abilities can access the information. There are not a lot of resources out there for this specification but I always use ZigZag. The resources are really easy for students to understand but they do help push students too.

H Parmenter, HoD & Peer Reviewer

'High quality and wholly appropriate to the spec and content students are expected to cover. Well-structured and flows through effectively each section building on the previous. Throughout the resource, the questions asked and examples given are both relevant and appropriate.' L Bird, Teacher and Independent Reviewer

Lorraine Bird, Subject Leader & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (10035)

Content is of a high quality... Very well matched to the curriculum and exam board requirements.
AOs clear and set out from the start. Good repetition and reminding of AOs at every assessment opportunity. Linking back to Marking criteria and AOs is excellent practise. The sample essays are accurate to the level of response expected by the exam board. The guidance and reasons why marks were awarded is good and clear.

M Toogood, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

This resource is valuable as it asks students to apply the AO’s to exemplar answers, therefore they are understanding how to develop and structure their own responses. The resource also tests student’s knowledge of the set texts and reinforces any prior learning, it also allows the teacher to identify where students may have some misconceptions about the texts/topics… The Mini mocks are very useful, the indicative content is good for students to see and use when marking their own work... I think the example answers and range of information would save me a lot of planning time.

K Sims, HoD & Peer Reviewer

Brilliant! Incredibly supportive for the students and helps them to develop their skills for exams. It covers the full range of the texts and enables the students to identify development. ZigZag are fantastic. I have always used them because it saves me a lot of time and the students find them really helpful.

H Parmenter, HoD & Peer Reviewer