Paris ‘Remembered Places’ Anthology Activity Pack

Covers all 32 texts in the anthology!

for AS Paper 2: People and Places ♦ A Level Paper 1: Telling Stories

Stimulating activities designed to support the ‘Remembered Places’ section of the 2015 AQA AS and A Level Language and Literature specification. Adapt to your existing scheme of work, or dip in and out, to build student confidence.

Fantastic resource that supports teachers as they prepare for the teaching of this component... I have found it invaluable

K Jagger, HoD & Peer Reviewer
Concise introduction to each text followed by a carefully considered range of classroom-ready activities:
  • Consolidation questions and active learning tasks target understanding of the text and key literary and linguistic techniques
  • Discussion questions lead to more in-depth, open-ended debate and analysis of each text
  • Research tasks encourage students to consider contextual factors such as time period, race, social class and gender
  • Exam-style re-creative writing and comparison questions provide students with plenty of vital exam practice at both AS and A Level

Easy to use, and tailored to students of all abilities with handy examiner hints interspersed throughout.

PLUS! Suggested answers to all activities included – minimal preparation required!

What do teachers say about this resource? (8900)

FANTASTIC. Ideal for new members of staff to the course. Great for developing independence in students...Offers a wide range of suggested teaching prompts/activities – fits very clearly with exam spec... For practical hands-on ideas, comprehensive teacher support and a range of teaching activities/prompts, this is ideal. Can also be used for odd cover/independent step-by-step approach for students.

S Mcardle, Second in English & Customer

Fantastic resource that supports teachers as they prepare for the teaching of this component... It clearly links tasks to the assessment objectives and ensures that the 'task' element of learning is not repetitive and boring... This resource is closely supportive of the specification and ensures that students are introduced to and cover the AOs appropriately. As a teacher who is teaching this component for the first time, I have found it invaluable.

K Jagger, HoD & Peer Reviewer

A wide-ranging and spec-focused pack that allows teachers to support their students effectively on their first reading of these texts... I really like the range of creative writing tasks throughout... Summary tips are very useful and student friendly... Examiner hints are great... Answers section is comprehensive and very clear... The pack is tailored well to all levels of student ability – basic comprehensive questions are supplemented by challenging explorations of linguistic features.

R Page, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

A very useful resource for this somewhat daunting unit... Will prove popular with teachers. This unit is a challenging one for teachers and students alike, and the detailed look at each of the extracts will be a great help for planning and also for setting work for students to do independently... I particularly liked the straightforward structure of the resource... C Harvey, Teacher and Independent Reviewer

C Harvey, Teacher & Peer Reviewer