The 39 Steps: Practical Activity Pack for GCSE Drama

A wide range of stand-alone activities to teach this GCSE classic – for any unit or component!

A daring and skilful example of what can be achieved in theatre, the combination of multi-rolling, pastiche and clowning makes The 39 Steps a fun and fast-paced play to study at GCSE.

Activities include: writers in context, making a motor, controlled chaos, quick-change artist, building bridges, creating the crofter’s cottage, tableaux, music scape… and more!

49 sets of diverse, comprehensive and engaging exercises cover the play from all angles. Pick and choose to complement your scheme of work and enhance learning:

  • Whole-text, summative and contextual activities provide a solid foundation for learning
  • Scene-by-scene tasks allow for in-depth, practical investigation of key themes and moments
  • ‘Staging the text’ section facilitates further exploration of performance and design

Plus! Dedicated ‘exam practice’ essay questions encourage students to effectively apply their skills and knowledge

Fully matched to GCSE exam board requirements, and with an activity overview grid, teacher’s notes and suggested answers for easy planning and assessment.