Love Through the Ages Pre-1900: Exam Preparation Pack for AS / A Level AQA A

Apply understanding and refine exam technique with revision activities, detailed exam advice, essay-building activities, exam-style questions and model answers. Ready to embed into your revision programme in class or as homework.

Well thought out and provides a range of directed retrieval practice strategies for students on both the one-year and two-year courses

M Thresher, English Teacher & Peer Reviewer
  • Quick, student-friendly revision activities focused on the AOs to recap knowledge of the poems, including key features, quotes, terminology and context
    • Activities include: terminology match-ups, timelines, table fills, and more!
  • ‘Exam Skills’ section including:
    • ‘Decoding the question’ to familiarise students with examiner thinking
    • Essay-planning activities to help students build a supportive framework for any exam question
    • Step-by-step essay-writing advice to encourage students to focus answers to gain top marks

… And much more!

Really fills a gap in the market

K Chanter, Teacher, Examiner & Peer Reviewer
  • 6 exam-style questions for AS and A Level provide extensive practice, and encourage creative and original responses
  • Sample essays and reflective student activities help students recognise what makes a good answer, and demonstrate how to improve grades
  • Plus! Indicative content for all activities – great for easy marking!

What do teachers say about this resource? (8891)

A really superb revision pack full of tasks and activities to engage students and to help consolidate their learning.

The first task – the grid – is an excellent resource for consolidation of knowledge. A great layout and something that is definitely shareable with students for them to revise independently.

Task six is particularly useful for encouraging students to engage with quotations for AO1 and AO2, this is something they often find challenging and this therefore helps provide key quotations.

The comparative tables showing the breakdowns of AOs and how to compare is really useful.

The activities are focused, varied and really excellent. There are some great tasks to encourage students to reflect on their learning and allow them to see how to use their knowledge in an examination situation. This has real educational value and would be useful to students of all abilities. The tasks could easily be set as homework tasks either at the end of the unit or after completing each poem.

There is throughout, a really key focus on assessment objectives which enables students to link each element to their learning. The resource breaks this down in a clear and focused way and encourages students to think about how they might respond in an examination to cover all of the assessment objectives.

T Copestake, Vice Principal & Peer Reviewer

This resource is well thought out and provides a range of directed retrieval practice strategies for students on both the one-year and two-year courses... This resource supports learning by providing example revision activities with exemplar answers for both the teacher and student... The practice questions and sample answers are the most useful part of this resource as this is an area which is lacking from the board... Moreover, the annotated essays are really useful to help guide students when approaching peer and self-review in class... The author of this pack has clearly worked very hard on this resource, and it will be appreciated by many teachers and students.

M Thresher, English Teacher & Peer Reviewer

There are nowhere near enough resources and marked essays available ... from the exam board, so this resource really fills a gap in the market. The advice is accurate... The essays section ... is exceptionally good... The replanning activities are really effective in that they provide weak answers and then enable students to mark the answers and then improve them.

K Chanter, Teacher, Examiner & Peer Reviewer

Very focused... Contains a number of interesting approaches... The varying length of samples are helpful in providing students with different ways of thinking about writing responses.

T Garland, HoD & Peer Reviewer