GCSE AQA Case Studies with Exam Prep.

The Living World

With the examinations in mind, we've carefully selected case studies which not only span the globe but also focus on countries with contrasting levels of development, providing a detailed synopsis of the location or theme in question.

Every Case Study and Named Example has been chosen for spec relevance, with global events from countries across a range of World Bank income classifications.

The Exam Prep is concentrated on the specification points and question types which call for the use of case studies – perfect practice in the lead up to exams.

PART 1: Case Study PART 2: Exam Prep
content Content-rich profile of the location summary Single-page summaries for an at-a-glance overview of the topic
camera Thought-provoking images and starter questions to get students thinking
+ colour versions as free digital download
questions Rapid-fire revision questions to drum home the facts and figures
factfile Fact files of all the key information exam Longer answer extension questions and AQA-style exam question to test recall in the lead up to the exams
ICT ICT interactive links and reliable sources to extend research answers Answers for all questions, and mark scheme for exam style question

As well as understanding the physical factors at play, these physical geography case studies allow you to introduce synoptic links from human geography into your teaching by comparing locations at either end of the development spectrum.

Give your students a deep understanding of the physical world through the study of specific locations, learn about the interactions between people and place, and the differing impacts of global ecoststems on developing and developed populations.