Course Companions for A Level Year 1 Eduqas

2017 specs!

Comprehensive and student-focused notes cover all theory for A Level Year 1 Eduqas Component 1.

Logical structure works through the theoretical framework, with detailed application to the set products.

Extensive detail on the set exam products and matches the specification very well, offering comprehensive details of theoretical framework.E Richardson, Media Teacher and Independent Reviewer
  • Overview pages with clear learning outcomes and key terms maintain focus
  • Accessible, in-depth notes cover all aspects of the specification
  • Images and diagrams illuminate key concepts
  • Activities such as quick questions, discussion points and active learning tasks consolidate knowledge

Plus! Take it further with…

  • Exam-style questions to apply and assess learning
  • Further reading suggestions to develop understanding of theory at a higher level
  • End-of-section summaries – perfect for revision!

Answers included for all activities.

The answers section is comprehensive, particularly the marking criteria for use with the longer exam-style questions. The summaries at the end of each section are also very useful!S Backhouse, Media Teacher and Independent Reviewer