Structured Essay Support: Literary Texts and Films for AQA AS & A Level German

Suitable for AQA AS and A Level:
2016 specifications

A comprehensive introduction to the study of literary texts and films. Help students prepare effectively for essay writing in Paper 2 regardless of the work(s) studied!

PART 1: Before tackling essay writing, students are introduced to key concepts of literary texts and films to inform their understanding.

Preparation is key!

Examination of a literary text or film at AS Level is new for the 2016 spec. Questions are now specific to the book or film, rather than generic, at both AS and A Level. Ideal for teachers who are new to cultural topics OR experienced teachers who want a clear breakdown of key features with helpful examples.

An effective introduction for students transitioning from GCSE who have never thoroughly studied literature or cinema. In-depth descriptions of key features enable more-capable students to learn important terminology.

  • Includes: plot; themes; characters; cultural, social and political context; structure; narrative; symbols; and more! Carefully crafted activities consolidate understanding.

PARTS 2–5: Focus on the essential techniques needed to write an effective essay, including:

  • Planning an essay
  • Organising and developing ideas
  • Critical and analytical commentary
  • Justifying personal opinions
  • Model essays, and more!

With examples of literary texts by authors on the 2016 AQA AS and A Level specifications. Students familiarise themselves with the authors’ styles, techniques and genres while applying this knowledge to their own studied work(s).

Recommended for use in the classroom or as independent study and revision for students. For use prior to or in conjunction with our Getting to Know… range.