The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time: Pre-Release Exam Preparation Pack for A Level Eduqas Drama (2018 exams)

Comprehensive, in-depth exploration of the pre-seen extract for the A Level Eduqas exam

Comprehensively prepare students for Component 3: Section C! In-depth exploration and analysis of every aspect of the extract – from context, characters and themes, to performance and design.

Your students will know the extract inside out and be fully prepared for whatever comes their way in the exam.

Also included:
  • Engaging exploratory activities throughout
  • Special section on live theatre and how to apply it to the exam
  • Show students know how to create clear and accurate technical diagrams
  • Dedicated teacher’s sections with step-by-step preparation for Section C, teaching notes and indicative content
  • Put the extract into context
    Ensure students understand the events, characters, locations and themes featured in the extract – and their significance to the play as a whole

  • Explore and analyse the extract
    An in-depth look at all aspects of performance and design – including: staging ★ positioning ★ movement and proxemics ★ sound ★ lighting ★ set and props ★ costume, hair and make-up

    Plus! Each section includes a content checklist, key terminology and practice exam questions

  • Get prepared for the exam
    Planning guidance, writing frameworks, model answers, marking activities, answer checklists and more – ensures students can turn their knowledge into a successful exam response!

  • Ensure students have an understanding and appreciation of the extract within the context of the whole play with the Complete Play Guide to The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. Includes scene-by-scene exploration covering context, events, characters, themes, locations, style, genre and more!