DNA: Play on a Page for GCSE Drama

“A fantastic revision tool”

9 highly visual, A3 revision posters break down everything students need to know into easily-digestible chunks.

Fun, extremely useful and easy for students to understand and interact with

K Bevan, Drama Teacher & Peer Reviewer

    Covering context, plot, all acts and scenes, characters, themes, performance and design, each page is provided as:

  • A complete revision poster
    • Hand out at the end of the study as consolidation, or before exams for effective revision
    • Assign partially completed posters as in-class activities or as homework
    • Display in classroom or use as placemats – great visual cues!
  • A partially complete activity poster with varied and focused tasks for independent revision

  • Concise notes summarise essential knowledge
  • Diagrams and images facilitate understanding and retention of information – perfect for visual learners!
  • Exam-style questions put theory into practice

Plus! Performance and design skills incorporated throughout

The layout is very appealing and makes retention of main points more likely.... the snippets of information from across the play gathered under one heading make synthesis and revision much easier for students

K McLoughlin, Drama/English Teacher & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (8610)

A great way to explore the play’s narrative themes, context and character. A range of activities that relate to the events of the play. Many options for each section of text. Particularly [useful] for homework when reinforcing material learnt in class

S Trustman, HoD & Customer

This resource is exactly what I was hoping for. The sheets are really well laid out and student friendly. [...] I particularly liked the A3 design, which could work a little like a literacy mat in class. I think it poses useful thinking activities and a high level of challenge. [...] I think this resource will be very useful in the latter stages of revising. A student could have a pack of these resources as independent revision materials, and they will support with the 'cramming' aspect of revision nearer the time. Alternatively they will support in consolidating the ideas after a first read

K Brown, HoD & Peer Reviewer