Reaching for a 9 for GCSE AQA

A carefully tailored resource designed to motivate and challenge your higher tier students towards the coveted grade 9!

This is such a clever way to help students improve their level. The exercises are exciting and challenging... 

S McLoughlin, Teacher and Peer Reviewer

Skills-based worksheets and exam-style questions cover all 4 skills: listening, reading, writing and speaking.

...Perfect for higher ability students

S McLoughlin, Teacher and Peer Reviewer
In line with:
  • 2016 specification requirements
  • AQA’s sample assessment materials
  • Higher tier exam questions
  • Examiners’ reports of the previous specification
9 units
  1. Impressive vocabulary
  2. Tough grammar
  3. Very tough (receptive) grammar
  4. Timing, fluency and spontaneity
  5. Planning ahead and sophisticated sentences
  6. Context and unpredictable elements
  7. Translation
  8. Expanding knowledge
  9. Welcome to AS Level – challenge yourself!

Key features:
  • Activities to stretch highly capable students up to and beyond GCSE
  • Practice questions to hone skills
  • Exam-style questions to challenge and reinforce learning
  • General and skills-based exam tips to prepare thoroughly

Plus! All answers provided, including model answers, for teacher, self- and peer assessment
  • For independent learning or use in class
  • Highly flexible! Worksheets can be completed: ① in order; ② per unit; ③ per skill

  • CD included with listening tracks

What do teachers say about this resource? (8601)

This resource is amazing. I absolutely love every single aspect of it. This is such a clever way to help students improve their level and indeed maybe reach a level 9. The exercises are exciting and challenging for students. They are perfect for higher ability students who can be pushed to work beyond their current levels.

S McLoughlin, Teacher and Peer Reviewer

This resource has a variety of challenging tasks which will appeal to the keen linguists. It will be particularly useful for teachers of a mixed ability class as it is a great resource to give to the most able pupils for them to work independently either in class or at home. I know several pupils who would just love this resource!

J Briden, HoD and Peer Reviewer

Every unit has very valuable advice for both student and teacher and many teachers could learn a lot from what is offered. The quality of many of the high level exercises is quite stimulating and enjoyable for those who can do it... I think any teacher reading through this resource is bound to be impressed by the work that has gone into creating it and can feel inspired to improve their way of teaching French.

B Dawson, Teacher and Peer Reviewer

The way I would use this resource would be to give the tasks to my best students to work from when they have finished their classwork. Gifted and Talented students enjoy zooming ahead and this resource would be a welcome set of extension tasks. I particularly like activities such as the pyramid game, teaching students to add layers of information and linguistic structures to their answers. Oral exercises in which students pretend to be the examiner in turn are also an excellent way of practising the speaking tasks and will give the students a better understanding of the requirements of the examination. Similarly, asking a student to be a moderator, ticking off key structures they need to listen for, is a great idea. I also like the introduction to AS level section: it should motivate the high-flyers and hopefully encourage them to take the subject to the next level!

S Fleet, Teacher and Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (8555)

The content is fantastic, and this resource is probably one of the best I have ever come across. It will challenge and motivate students and push them to achieve their best. The level is perfect for high-ability students and the exercises, texts and tasks are engaging and varied, so that they will no doubt enjoy revising for the exams.

F Reichmann, Teacher and Peer Reviewer

The resource matches and interprets the specification very well in that the topics and the activities mirror the specification and are at an appropriate level.

H Oberg, HoD and Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (8626)

The resource is very well pitched at the most able learners, it is challenging and very well organised. The whole resource is extremely detailed and provides excellent exemplification in its answers and sample answers. It is also geared towards exam practice and even beyond GCSE for those who intend to continue studying Spanish at AS level.

L Pritchard, Teacher and Peer Reviewer

I think it is a brilliant resource for many reasons: it covers all topics; there are different types of exercises , so it is not always the same structure for every topic; and the level is appropriate for high-ability students. There are really challenging questions. All tasks have been really well designed. In my opinion it matches the new AQA GCSE Spanish specification perfectly.

M A Pardo Argüello, Teacher and Peer Reviewer

The content is of high quality and it encourages students to push themselves. I particularly liked chapters 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 as they have lots of opportunities for students to extend their learning. I would love to use this resource because it is very useful as it provides further practice for higher tier students in order to get better marks. It also provides lots of opportunities for students to gain confidence in tackling some of the most difficult parts of the GCSE Spanish exam, such as the translation, the listening and the reading of literary texts.

J I Ermina, Teacher and Peer Reviewer