Twelfth Night: Practical Activity Pack for GCSE Drama

A wide range of stand-alone activities to teach this GCSE classic – for any unit or component!

A playful and engaging text, with a complex plot that mixes melancholy and loss with anarchy and comedy. Students will get to grips with Shakespearean style while exploring endless possibilities for characterisation and design.

Set text for GCSE:
  • Edexcel

40 sets of diverse, comprehensive collections and engaging exercises cover the play from all angles. Pick and choose to complement your scheme of work and enhance learning:

  • Whole-text, summative and contextual activities provide a solid foundation for learning
  • Scene-by-scene tasks allow for in-depth, practical investigation of key themes and moments
  • ‘Staging the text’ section facilitates further exploration of performance and design
Activities include: The food of love; The sea shore; Fools; Status; Dramatic irony; The Duel; What is Olivia thinking?; Twins; period costume; Lots of locations… and many more!

Plus! Dedicated ‘exam practice’ essay questions encourage students to effectively apply their skills and knowledge

Fully matched to GCSE exam board requirements, and with an activity overview grid, teacher’s notes and suggested answers for easy planning and assessment.

What do teachers say about this resource? (8552)

I think this resource is very comprehensive and it covers all the aspects of the Core knowledge that has to be taught for the new DT specifications. It is logical and in order and follows the sequence of the relevant textbooks and revision guides. This would fit in with many departmental SOL as most teachers have followed this process / sequence when planning their curriculum journey.

There are a variety of different exercises for the students to complete, and I particularly like that some of the starters/ Plenary’s involve working in groups and teams. There are a number of activities that are useful at retrieving prior knowledge, and they link together so they are not necessarily stand-alone exercises.

The variety of hands on exercises would be particularly useful at engaging under performing boys, they would enjoy the competitive aspect of some of these tasks, although the teacher delivering these topics would have to plan the remainder of the lesson carefully as the competitive element of a starter could easily affect the work which comes after.

The resources are straightforward and easy to follow. The task is clearly set out and includes the answer, sheets for the students and a list of all the necessary equipment. As stated previously it covers all the areas of the core knowledge and it can be delivered in chunk form in order to test prior knowledge. The activities are also fun and engaging.

The resource is detailed, comprehensive, in a logical format, covers all aspects, has extension tasks and video resources, can easily be adapted for homeworks or independent learning, doesn’t need the use of specialised equipment.

It matches the AQA specification accurately as well as the AQA textbook, revision guides and the PG online resources.

J Robers, Teacher and Customer