Poems of the Decade: Mind Maps with Activities for AS/A Level Edexcel

Highly visual and engaging A3 mind maps and activities covering all the prescribed poetry in Poems of the Decade for AS and A Level Edexcel English Literature.

I like the duel information approach for notes and mind maps... I'd definitely use this for revision with my students

K Lindsey, Teacher & Peer Reviewer
Prepare students for their exams!
  • Key term boxes help students grasp essential terminology and hit AO1!
  • Comparison suggestions across the anthology (AS) and with unseen poems (A Level) – great for AO4!

Perfect for consolidation, revision and encouraging independent learning.

  • 20 poem-by-poem mind maps deepen understanding of themes, structure, language and more!
    • Covers all relevant AOs for accessible, targeted revision
  • 3 whole-collection mind maps consolidate knowledge and connect elements of literary analysis across the collection
  • Plus! Essay Practice mind map with essential hints and tips to improve exam success!
  • Activities include independent analysis, discussion and stretch-and-challenge tasks – engage all abilities and learner types!
  • Answers included for easy marking

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A detailed and quality resource which would prove beneficial to students studying the Edexcel qualification... I like the duel information approach for notes and mind maps... I'd definitely use this for revision with my students. The analysis is quality and detailed and would really help to consolidate learning that has taken place in the classroom. The students I showed [it to] really liked the fact that the poems were discussed in bite-size chunks and broken down into topics for them. K Lindsey, Teacher and Independent Reviewer

K Lindsey, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

I thought the overall concept of mind maps was useful. All the basic information about the poem is contained on one page, and the inclusion of questions to encourage students to think is a good idea... The layout is clear and concise. It is easy for students to follow and doesn’t overwhelm or appear off-putting... I liked the simple yet effective way that the information is presented... This resource gives [students] a handy revision sheet to refer to.

M Georgiou, HoD & Peer Reviewer