AS AQA Paper 1 2018 Digital Resource Packs (Morse Code)

Available for C#, Python2, Python3, and VB.NET.

Comprehensive resource packs help you and your students tackle the AS pre-release material for the June 2018 Paper 1 exam (Morse Code).

What you get:

  • Pre-release commentary: Pre-release commentary, describing how the program works, including a detailed break-down of all code elements and routines
  • Programming theory questions test students' understanding of the skeleton program
  • Realistic modification tasks test students' programming skills
  • Mark schemes – full answers and solutions for all questions and tasks (plus EAD)

What do teachers say about this resource? (8528, 8529, 8613, 8614)

Fantastic resource which has allowed our students to tackle the course head-on. Even as a subject specialist there were questions that I would not have thought about… Thought had gone in to the content which was easily accessible for students... It is a must-have for the AQA Computer Science A Level and could be the difference between an A or a B grade.” - A Connor, Head of Department