Topic Tests for A Level Year 1 OCR A: Pure Mathematics

A perfect solution for every situation!

Amazingly accurate… an excellent set of questions and a very useful tool for teachers and students… a brilliant resource

S Ashton, Examiner & Peer Reviewer
Fundamentals Test – Set A

Great for quick recapping and could be used for prep/homework...

K  Martin, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Perfect in a mixed ability setting – for the use at the end of teaching.

Designed to test all key areas of each topic!

  • Focuses on core skills with simple numbers and contexts
  • Students show their understanding of key ideas – motivating for weaker students
  • Reveals fundamental knowledge, skill or language weaknesses

Challenge Test – Set A

3 levels makes it easy to differentiate

R Clark, Head of Maths & Happy Customer

Perfect for top ability students – for the use at the end of teaching.

Designed to test all key areas of each topic!

Expert Test – Set A

Provided real challenge and would be great for exam revision

K  Martin, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Perfect set-up before tackling exam papers – for the use at the end of the course.

Designed to prepare for exam success in this topic.

  • 75% exam-style questions

The way the topic tests go from Fundamentals to Challenge to Expert really builds student confidence

Dr M Qume, Parent & Happy Customer
Set B: 2nd chance add-on tests
  • Paired ‘second chance’ duplicate – mirroring the first but with different numbers – allowing resits, reinforcement and greater success
  • Can be ordered when you have ordered Set A – or order all together for group discounts!

The paired idea works really well for student confidence… and encourages them to really reflect on their feedback from set A… they see progress

R Brooks, Head of Maths & Customer

Detailed clear solutions with Tips, Alternative Methods and Technique boxes.

The solutions were excellent, really clear and helpful, with lots of concise notes... extremely useful for students who want to work independently

K  Martin, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Beautifully written answers

M Qume, Parent & Happy Customer

What do teachers say about this resource? (8505, 8506, 8507, 8689, 8691, 8693)

I really liked this resource ... In an International school, abilities tend to be very mixed and language levels are low. The Fundamental pack makes it very much easier to set homework and revision ... It differentiates so much better than the book ... Normally I use [competitor] workbooks for revision and homework; these are vastly better... Very, very, very much better differentiated. Questions at Fundamental level are structured very well - no tricks or weird wording - meaning students can access them. I have used these with grade E/U students without issue... It matches [the specification] perfectly

S Harrison, Teacher & Customer

a good way to stretch students... It provides an easy way to differentiate work... Useful as end of unit assessments, homework and revision for Year 13... cost effective and versatile

S Marriott, Head of Maths & Customer

Excellent, really helpful... very clear answers... builds confidence through small steps... answers are particularly well worked through with the points awarded.

M Qume, Parent and Happy Customer

Very useful for ensuring students were on track and had a strong understanding of each chapter
... You need a good grasp of the chapter to do well on the Expert set, they are accessible but not trivial ... It gives students a clear understanding of how well they have grasped a topic rather than rewarding a superficial understanding ... The questions are challenging in some cases but reasonable and appropriate ... Concise - about 30-40mins per assessment ... a really good match and I have worked through all the AS Papers and they are excellent in terms of challenge and coverage

M Greenaway, Head of Maths & Customer

This is an excellent resource that is of great use to the Department and our students ... The variety and quality of questions is excellent ... The duplicate sets, with slightly modified questions, allows for effective practice in class before a test ... It is great value for money, and very useful as a source of additional questions ... It is a very good match to the Edexcel Maths specification, with questions that match the style and difficulty of the exam ... excellent

E Clark, Head of Maths & Customer

Excellent resource, lots of questions, comprehensive... Really useful, lots of suitable questions from practise to exam style. Great for revision and for test... Saves time preparing questions ourselves and don’t have to work out answers either... Tiered level of questions and answers already done, they can read the notes.

J Owens, Maths Teacher & Customer

It was broken down topic by topic and even better had 3 levels making it easy to differentiate... Clear worked solutions. Graduated questions... Easy to read, but a lot on one page so printing isn’t too expensive... We used these in the months before the end of year exams as revision. It made it easy to structure the revision period into group topics. Next year we may use them for quick tests earlier in the year.

R Clark, Head of Maths & Happy Customer

It is part of a system which allows it to be tailored to students needs... a cost efficient way to build assessment into the scheme of works

– S Marriott, Head of Maths & Customer

incredibly useful ... Allows us to set homework that can be self marked but differentiated as well as assess at the end of units.

– S Marriott, Head of Maths & Customer

Brilliant. A great companion to the A tests ... It allows me to follow up homeworks or assessments with students following revision/therapy, or for revision for yr 13 students ... The annotated mark schemes allow me to support students in understanding what is needed to earn marks ... It is an effective way to re assess students after they have been given the test A

– S Marriott, Head of Maths & Customer

[Expert tests] provide a good level of challenge for our more able post-16 students... It stretches students and provides them with a chance to practice problem solving... an easy way to differentiate... meaningful end of unit test and homework.

S Marriott, Head of Maths & Customer

Good level of challenge and good approximation to exam material

S Marriott, Head of Maths & Customer

Provides a retest or pretest for students to follow up the initial work ... Allows them to recheck their understanding after therapy strategies have been used ... fits well with the SOW ... can fill a variety of roles in T&L

S Marriott, Head of Maths & Customer

What do teachers say about this resource? (8659, 8660, 8661, 8662, 8663, 8664)

Great source of assessment and homework material... Mark Schemes are student friendly... Regular homework... Provides a varied sort of questioning and appropriate mean of support and challenge... Great value for money, fantastic revision and assessment.

S Marriott, Head of Maths & Customer

Excellent! Mastering beginners and moving on in a structured manner builds confidence... the beautifully written answers help me to help her.

M Qume, Parent & Happy Customer

My daughter struggles with the mechanics, but we find the pack and annotated answers very helpful (especially when I am called upon to assist!). The way the topic tests go from Fundamentals to Challenge to Expert really builds student confidence.

Dr M Qume, Parent & Happy Customer