GCSE (9–1) Revision Programme for Higher Maths

The ultimate in fast & effective revision

An extensive revision resource with some great revision tests... Good explanations of the more difficult topics...

...A great resource for learners to work through independently

C Davis, Curriculum Lead of Maths, Examiner & Peer Reviewer
The short diagnostic tests for every learning statement are key to ensure that students can do what they think they can.

This revision programme outlines in clear language the 75 key learning statements that your students must be able to do and explains in simple language how to do them.


  • Diagnostic tests identify the learning pages to use and create personalised revision plans
  • Mini-questions and ‘Your Turns’ throughout to ensure fully active learning
  • End-of-topic tests to allow students to clearly observe how much they have learnt (also great for motivation).

Very useful for children with gaps or those who are better off learning in a personalised environment

K Bridges, Maths Teacher & Independent Reviewer

Plus progress tests to reinforce recent breakthroughs and to ensure that learning has stuck.

What do teachers say about this resource? (8503)

An extensive revision resource with some great revision tests... All answers are provided which makes this a great resource for learners to work through independently... For those students who are aiming for the top grades this is a very useful resource containing information and revision questions on those more complex topics... As a robust revision guide this meets all the criteria... very thorough and covers all aspects of the higher specification at GCSE... good explanations of the more difficult topics and I like the fact there are a couple of practice questions at the end of each topic summary... a good resource to dip in and out of to cover particular topics that learners are struggling with.

C Davis, Curriculum Lead of Maths, Examiner & Peer Reviewer

The tests were good... I particularly liked the transformation diagrams p68 they were nice clear and precise diagrams. Page 64 distance/time graph exampless graphs were nice and clear... I like the idea of the diagnostic tests they were thorough and well thought out. They give the student a clear idea of their strengths and weaknesses. The rapid tests were a good idea and a good finishing point for the topics... It was nice to have tests which didn't take up pages and pages of paper and they could be used well in the class... it covers the topics clearly and would prepare the students well for the exam... a nice innovative idea and a good concept.

A Kirwan, Examiner & Independent Reviewer

very thorough and covers everything... it would be very useful for children with gaps or those who are better off learning in a personalised environment... it matches [Edexcel] very well

K Bridges, Maths Teacher & Independent Reviewer

An excellent, well thought through, comprehensive resource for higher tier Maths - useful to both teachers and pupils for independent study... I particularly like the clear references to specifications, and the structure of the resources - from diagnostic tests, revision notes and worked examples into the rapid tests (I think these are particularly useful) and finally the progress tests. I like the checklists - many students like these as they can track and measure their progress... useful for both teachers to guide, support and structure revision and students as they prepare independently for exams [or as] an intervention strategy, where teachers can direct students to specific pages/topics to address areas for improvement... [Would you purchase this resource?] Absolutely! ... It is clear the writers of this resource have put in an exceptional amount of time and effort to ensure this resources covers all bases. I see huge potential for its diverse applications and look forward to... owning a copy!

S Cowden, Head of Mathematics & Peer Reviewer

Well set out, including the notes, tests and assessments. The instructions are clear to follow and the formatting is good... matches and interprets the specification well and contains all the new content at higher level

B Patel, Head of Maths & Independent Reviewer