Bridging the Gap: GCSE to AS/A Level Year 1 AQA

Ensure your students are thoroughly prepared as they take the step up from GCSE to AS/A Level Year 1.

Focused on the development of reading and writing skills, this unique pack of worksheets matches GCSE topics with relevant AS/A Level Year 1 topics. This enables students to bridge knowledge gaps and transition with ease to the next level.

Packed with tips and skill-building activities including: gap fills; true, false or not mentioned; match-ups; translations; writing a summary and more to ensure students are supported and tested throughout. All answers are included for easy self- and teacher marking.

Each worksheet has 1 GCSE and 1 AS unit with 4 sections:

  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar
  • Reading: the reading texts build on the vocabulary and grammar acquired in the previous sections
  • Translation: the translations build on the vocabulary and grammar acquired in the previous sections

FLEXIBLE! Students can complete each GCSE task followed by the matched AS task, or complete all GCSE tasks then all AS tasks.

Great for independent study, GCSE gifted and talented students, and students at the beginning of AS or A Level Year 1.

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (9658)
'This resource will definitely work well as an independent resource for students. It has a variety of activities and scaffolds to the AS level questions well. This resource very much is aimed to inspire confidence in students, and tell them that they are more than ready for the language (and a bit the cultural) element of their course... I think teachers could also give the relevant section for students to do at the beginning of a new topic for independent homework. It will remind students of what they’ve already learnt and give a springboard. Students do forget things over their long Summer holidays so I’d say that this does have a place in a teacher’s toolkit.' M Edney, Spanish Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'Excellent job, a very well-thought resource and I can’t wait to use it! I really like how there is clear progression from existing GCSE topics to AS Vocabulary introduced in task 1 is revisited in context and students have to apply their skill to use it.' R Bravo, Head of Spanish and Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (9340)
'It’s a resource I have often thought about creating myself but have never had time to do properly, particularly not to this standard. I think this is one of the best resources I have ever reviewed on ZigZag and would not hesitate to highly recommend it to anyone teaching AQA A Level. It is so detailed and well planned; it looks like it would have taken a really long time to make.' J Smith, Head of French and Ind. Reviewer
'I absolutely love this resource and wish it were already available to buy! It promotes a real “can do” attitude by having accessible yet useful tasks. The AS level material could also be used as revision if there weren’t time to complete it all at the start of the topic. Similarly, the GCSE sections could be used with GCSE pupils – not just those doing transition to A level so a school which only teaches up to GCSE could still purchase this and find it useful. I shall be looking out for this to become available to buy.' J Briden, Head of French and Independent Reviewer.
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (8489)
'What a brilliant resource! So well thought out covering a variety of topics with lots of grammar points to prepare students for A level.' L Dunato-Davis, Teacher, Examiner and Independent Reviewer.
'It is an excellent resource and will stretch GCSE pupils.' M Schumacher-Woodburn, Tutor and Ind. Reviewer.
'I think that this is a fantastic resource with a lot of variety regarding the exercises. The fact that there are so many different activities will mean that students will be kept engaged and there is something for everyone. I am very impressed by this resource and will definitely be using it in my lessons.' F Reichmann, German Teacher and Ind. Reviewer.