About a Boy: Weaker Learner Pack for CCEA GCSE English Literature

AO1 and AO2 All activities are linked to student-friendly assessment objectives so that students understand how their studies relate to their exam.
  • Aim 1 – Engage weaker learners with the text
    Characters speak directly to students to summarise the plot before and after reading the play.

  • Aim 2 – Support their understanding of key literary aspects
    Worksheets include stimulating and well-pitched activities to engage students with main events, all key characters, major themes, form and structural features, and language.

  • A perfectly-pitched resource
    Well constructed with both indifferent and enthusiastic weaker learners in mind

    E Evans, English Teacher & Peer Reviewer (1st edition)
    • Full answers included
    • Original illustrations
  • Aim 3 – Consolidate their knowledge ready for the exam
    All activities are cross-referenced to CCEA GCSE AOs so that you can choose the right worksheet for your students regardless of exam board.

What do teachers say about this resource? (8468)

A perfectly-pitched resource... This resource is well constructed with both indifferent and enthusiastic weaker learners in mind. It includes a lot to boost students to the next level without being overwhelming or inaccessible... The creative tasks are really well thought through, giving students a chance to enhance their vocabulary and think critically as well as doing something led by imagination... The Student Assessment Objectives Guide was an excellent touch, particularly with the checklist of activities and how pupils are learning... If this [resource] hasn't prepared them for exam practice and developed answers, I don't know what will.

E Evans, English Teacher & Peer Reviewer (1st edition)

I really like the range of tasks and activities, which include independent and group work. The resource is very clear and well explained, which makes it very well [suited] to low-ability groups... The tasks are fun and engaging...
I like how terms are clearly explained; it isn't assumed that students understand terms such as character. There is a range of activities to keep students focused and engaged. I do like how the questions encourage dictionary work too... I really like how the AOs are explained to students... I believe it is important to make them responsible and involved in their own learning... The students are supported through the tasks, and teachers can support them further if required. The mind maps will be invaluable to visual learners too.

K Greaves, Teacher & Peer Reviewer (1st edition)